TDSC earns widespread media coverage

TDSC, an e-commerce site that offers discounts on dental supplies for association members in California, is helping to shake up the $10 billion dental equipment market by offering dentists a higher level of control over their supplies. The site, which hit a $1 million milestone in shopper savings in May, is garnering media attention from national dental publications and regional business journals.

By purchasing from a pool of 25,000 products in categories ranging from adhesives to X-ray materials, dentists are saving an average of 20 percent compared to retail prices, adding up to thousands of dollars in savings for their practices. With the added convenience of 24/7 access, the option for subscription ordering and saved shopping lists, practices are streamlining purchasing processes. Office teams are recognizing how easy and efficient it is to shop online for supplies that they traditionally purchased through a sales representative.

Read what the media is saying about tdsc.com:

"Disruption can be defined as a disturbance that interrupts an event, activity or process — and that is exactly what a growing e-commerce site plans on doing to the dental supply purchasing market. Starting in California and branching outward, the state dental association is helping members lower costs associated with dental practices and patient care."Dentist's Money Digest

"CDA saw an opportunity to pool its members’ purchasing power to bring down distributors’ supply costs. But the association wanted to do more than gain negotiation leverage with distributors. CDA also wanted to create a more seamless experience for dentists to track supply orders and inventory."Sacramento Business Journal

"I was up-front with my current supply company about the change I was making. It offered to match the prices that I was receiving through TDSC. I declined the offer for two reasons: First, I would have to double-check invoices to ensure I received the best prices on every order, essentially doubling the time I spend ordering supplies. Second, I know TDSC has every intention to pass the savings along to dentists. Therefore, the savings will continually increase as more dentists use the Marketplace. "Jonathan Ford, DMD, in Dentistry iQ

“When you have a private practice and fending for yourself, when you get out of dental school with almost no business training, this was a chance to feel like I’m not just subjected to being manipulated by the market … A company that is thinking about me first, and profit second, I like that.”James Stephens, DDS, in Dentist's Money Digest

Learn more about TDSC and how the site is changing the way California dentists shop at tdsc.com/news.

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Through tdsc.com, a website designed to deliver group purchasing discounts on dental supplies to CDA members, shoppers are seeing 20 percent average savings compared to manufacturers’ suggested retail prices.

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