TDIC monitoring health care reform impact

The health care marketplace is rapidly shifting in many ways as a consequence of broad market forces and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Health care benefits are undergoing dramatic changes that will likely impact member dentists both professionally and personally.

The California Health Benefit Exchange, the new health and dental insurance marketplace, is preparing for full implementation of the ACA, scheduled to take effect Jan.1, 2014. Many critical decisions about ACA implementation in California are still in process and, as a result, the law’s full impact is still unknown. 

All TDIC Insurance Solutions plans, including Anthem, Kaiser and others, will be impacted by the ACA at levels that are yet to be determined. As we move into 2014, plans continue to cite ongoing increases in the cost of providing health care as reasons for recent actions to raise premiums – even before full implementation of ACA.

“As we move closer to full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we will have a clearer picture of how much premiums will change,” said Dennis DeTomasi, TDIC board chair. “Based on what we’re seeing in the marketplace, some members could experience increased costs for their health care coverage, but by how much is not yet known.” 

Because of this, TDIC Insurance Solutions is diligently working with experts in the industry to both determine the possible effects and explore alternatives for its health care policyholders.

“This is a time for dentists to be proactive by reviewing their current health care agreements that offer coverage for their families and employees,” said DeTomasi. “They’ll be better prepared to evaluate future options in the marketplace and the shifts that are occurring in the insurance industry.”

For information on the California Health Benefit Exchange, visit hbex.ca.gov.

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