TDIC courses in May teach dentists how to reduce employment liability

Attendees of the 2018 Anaheim CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry will have a number of opportunities to learn about employment law and how to reduce employment liability risks in their practices. Sponsored by The Dentists Insurance Company, the workshop Caution and Control — Reducing Employment Liability will be presented all three days of the May meeting.

Dentists may find the ever-changing employment laws intimidating, especially against the backdrop of a litigation-conscious public. Dental practice employees are prepared to take legal action if they feel their employer breached their rights. TDIC’s risk management seminar teaches dentists how to reduce employment liability and is offered five times:

  • Thursday, May 17, 9 a.m.– noon and repeats 2–5 p.m.
  • Friday, May 18, 9 a.m.– noon and repeats 2–5 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 19, 9 a.m.– noon

“Employment law in California is becoming more and more daunting,” said Cynthia Brattesani, DDS, who is co-lecturing the Friday courses. “Arming yourself with facts, practical information and strategies on how to deal with situations is paramount to a successful practice.”

Dentists will learn how to handle employment concerns from TDIC’s employment practice liability claims experience and calls to its Risk Management Advice Line and the importance of using “caution and control” to navigate past potential employment practice violations, including pregnancy discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment.

Those who attend one of the workshops can expect to leave with an understanding of how to establish effective hiring and performance review practices to help with the selection and retention of qualified employees. The presenters — who in addition to Brattesani will be Bradley L. Yee, DDS, Daniel R. Watkins, Esq., Beverly A. Kodama, DDS, and Arthur W. Curley, JD — will also share tips on how dentists can provide their employees with a fair and rewarding work environment and how to help prevent situations that lead to employment practices claims.

“Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will provide guidance for scenarios that may occur, and hearing real-life court cases provides invaluable information to prevent a similar situation from arising in the office,” said Brattesani. “Attendees will leave this comprehensive seminar that much more ready to confront scenarios that may arise with the correct strategy to protect what they have built.”

Guidance on disability accommodation requests

Another option for those looking to further their understanding of employment law is a free, one-hour lecture in The Spot presented by Christopher Onstott, JD, of the Northern California-based law firm Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard. Onstott, who specializes in employment litigation and commercial litigation, said the TDIC-sponsored course Employment Law: Disability Accommodation will teach effective, legally permissible ways to communicate with employees who request accommodations. 

“In particular, attendees will understand the questions they can ask and those they cannot ask when dealing with an employee seeking a disability accommodation,” said Onstott. He said participants will receive “guidance on when (and how) to communicate with health care providers on accommodation requests” along with “helpful strategies for dealing with chronically absent employees.”

Onstott’s lecture is scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday, May 17.

TDIC is also co-sponsoring three hands-on emergency preparedness simulation training courses for the entire dental team. The workshops and lecture will help prepare dentists and dental assistants to provide the best possible care in the event of a complication or emergency in a dental office setting.

Register for the Risk Management seminars and find more information on The Spot lecture at cdapresents.com/anaheim2018.

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Three medical emergency training courses come to CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim, May 17–19, answering a high demand from dentists and dental team members for hands-on training in medical emergency preparation and management to help ensure successful patient outcomes and reduce risk to the practice. The courses are led by Rick Ritt, EMT-P, MA, a paramedic for more than 35 years who has trained thousands of dentists and their staff, and are co-sponsored by TDIC.

The Dentists Insurance Company’s Risk Management Advice Line is a confidential resource designed to help guide dentists to the best course of action when dealing with potential claims from patients or employees. The advice line has helped thousands of dentists and dental professionals navigate difficult situations and establish preventive measures to stop risky situations before they start.