Support consumer protections for direct-to-consumer orthodontia — contact your legislator

With the emergence of new business models offering various dental services that are being ordered without an in-person clinical examination, such as direct-to-consumer orthodontia, it is imperative that dental treatment, no matter how it is accessed, continues to meet the standard of care. Assembly Bill 1519 requires that patients undergoing any orthodontic treatment must have radiographs reviewed by the treating dentist prior to the movement of teeth and that the dentist must disclose their name and license number to the patient. This uniform standard of care applies regardless of whether the treating dentist is in person with the patient or provides services through teledentistry.

This legislation will ensure that telehealth advancements continue to grow in a thoughtful way that puts patient safety first and is as effective as in-person treatment.

Contact your legislator to support AB 1519 at cda.org/AB1519.

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The Dental Board of California is undergoing its sunset review in the state Legislature. In Assembly Bill 1519, authored by the Assembly Business and Professions Committee, the dental board provides a status update to the Legislature and identifies opportunities for improvement. CDA has particular interest in three areas of the dental board’s sunset review bill, including clarifying how an applicant can obtain a new license after their initial license has expired.