Supply savings at tdsc.com: Four practices' price comparisons

With The Dentists Supply Company’s recent expansion, members of organized dentistry in 10 states are now enjoying collective buying power on dental supplies through tdsc.com. Shoppers continue to see 20 percent average savings compared to MSRP; however, the online savings are often even greater when compared to the prices they’ve been paying other suppliers.

Side-by-side savings case studies 

Through its free price comparison service, the TDSC team analyzes shoppers’ invoices from other major suppliers to find product-by-product savings potential on their behalf. Practices in several Western states are now seeing how tdsc.com’s savings stack up to the actual prices they’ve paid elsewhere within the past year.

Case study 1: General dentist in Berkeley, Calif.

Looking at this practice’s frequently ordered items from a major national supplier, the TDSC team found 25 percent average savings for exact product matches. This means that the practice would spend $3,043.53 at tdsc.com, instead of $4,067.87 elsewhere, for the same items.

Of note:

  • 25% average savings on a single order of 23 items
  • $156 savings on one bag of dust-free alginate alone
  • $151 savings on one temporary crown-and-bridge materials kit
  • 47% savings on procedural earloop masks

Additionally, the practice would pay no shipping fees through tdsc.com, as shipping is free on every order with no minimum purchase requirements.

Case study 2: Pediatric dentist in Colorado Springs, Colo.

New to tdsc.com through the site’s Western expansion, this practice ordered from the same national supplier as the first case study. The TDSC team found 27 percent average savings for exact matches, meaning that the practice would spend $1,535.53 at tdsc.com, instead of $2,093.68 elsewhere, for the same items.

Of note:

  • 27% average savings on an order of 18 items, plus free shipping
  • $53 savings on light-curing glass ionomer restorative
  • $68 savings on a pack of single-component bonding adhesive
  • 66% savings on open-weave sponges ($131 savings on one pack)

Like many practices, this one could realize even more savings potential by choosing equivalent alternatives. For an additional 15 products compared, tdsc.com alternates would provide 40 percent average savings (more than $600 difference) compared to invoiced prices.

Case study 3: General dentist in American Fork, Utah

Also new to tdsc.com, this practice submitted its invoices from a major Northwest-based supplier. The TDSC team compared prices and found 20 percent savings on exact matches, reducing the practice’s total cost from $1,453.77 to $1,156.76 for the same items.

Of note:

  • 20% average savings on an order of 23 items, plus free shipping
  • 37% savings on one gypsum die-stone

Like the second case study, this practice could realize significant savings with tdsc.com’s equivalent alternatives. Of an additional 15 products compared, alternates would provide 57 percent average savings (nearly $400).

Case study 4: Oral surgeon in Canoga Park, Calif.

Looking at invoices from six different major suppliers to this Los Angeles-area practice, the TDSC team found an impressive 43 percent savings on exact matches. The practice’s total cost would be reduced from $1,794.02 to $1,030.73 by shopping tdsc.com.

Of note:

  • 43%  average savings on an order of 13 items, plus free shipping
  • $169 savings on a package of wound dressing
  • 62% savings on sterile stainless steel blades
  • 82% savings on a pack of single-use blunt needles

With dental supplies trending at 6–7 percent of collections, a practice with $800,000 in income spends approximately $52,000. Reducing supply costs by 20 percent could save at least $10,000 per year. At the higher rates demonstrated in these case studies, a practice’s annual level of tdsc.com savings could be tens of thousands for the same quality products from authorized vendors.

See how your current invoices compare by requesting a no-cost, personalized price comparison from the TDSC team at tdsc.com/pricecompare.

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What could your practice do with an extra $10,000 each year? For many dental practices, supplies now commonly equate to 6 7 percent of collections. An office with $800,000 in income that spends 6.5 percent on supplies ($52,000) could save $10,400 per year by cutting 20 percent of its supply costs. The online shopping site tdsc.com continues to trend at 20 percent average savings compared to MSRP.

The Dentists Supply Company has announced plans to roll out access to its shopping site, tdsc.com, to tripartite members in nine Western states. The rollout is the first phase of TDSC’s nationwide expansion, which will allow members of organized dentistry to benefit from 20 percent average savings on a broad online catalog of supplies from authorized vendors, plus free shipping.