Supplemental reimbursements receive federal approval

Significant rate increases for hundreds of procedures covered by Denti-Cal have been approved by the federal government. The supplemental payments of 40 percent are the result of CDA-sponsored Proposition 56 and the unprecedented investment of $140 million in the Denti-Cal program, which will be matched with federal dollars for a potential total of $350 million for fiscal year 2017-18.

During the budget cycle, CDA and coalition partners strongly advocated for the funding after voters approved Proposition 56, a $2 tobacco tax intended to save lives and improve access to care. Payments to fee-for-service providers will include the supplemental 40 percent bonus on applicable services after Nov. 30. Dental Managed Care providers will receive the supplement payments through their plans after the Department of Health Care Services develops the payment methodology. Both fee-for-service and dental managed care providers will receive retroactive payments to July 1, 2017. Payments are expected to take a few months to fully process. Dentists do not need to change the billed rates submitted to Denti-Cal, as the supplemental reimbursement will be calculated and sent by the Denti-Cal fiscal intermediary.

For more details view the November 2017 Denti-Cal Bulletin. To learn more about the Denti-Cal program, visit cda.org or contact CDA Public Affairs at 916.554.4984.

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California’s CHIP funding will run out next month and the state will be confronted with a huge budget gap for CHIP children’s Medi-Cal coverage, potentially as much as $1 billion dollars or more. CDA is calling on dentists to act now to protect dental and health care coverage for millions of children and pregnant women in California. Contact your senators and representative in Congress to urge them to take swift action to extend CHIP funding.

More than 7 million adults enrolled in Denti-Cal, California’s Medicaid dental program, will have a fully restored package of dental benefits in 2018. The adult benefit package was drastically cut in 2009 due to the state budget crisis and was partially restored in May 2014. The restoration of the adult dental benefit services is a result of legislative action taken during the 2017-18 budget process.

Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Legislature engaged in heated negotiations before passing a final budget by a constitutionally mandated deadline of June 15. A major focus of those negotiations was the use of Proposition 56 tobacco tax revenues, for which CDA and its partners engaged in an internal and external advocacy campaign.