Shoppers and savings are quickly adding up for tdsc.com

The shared strength of organized dentistry supports members in almost every aspect of their professional lives: a louder voice in government, exceptional insurance coverage due to a broad premium base and exciting conventions with hundreds of educational opportunities to serve thousands of attendees. Now, the newest benefit of membership is delivering direct benefits. The TDSC Marketplace, an online source for dental supplies, shares savings that leverage collective buying power.

“It was an idea that had huge potential to really impact members in a very meaningful way,” said Natasha Lee, DDS, CDA president. “We can talk about advocacy, but for a lot of people that can be a bit of an abstract idea. For a member to say, ‘It saved me 20 percent on my products,’ that’s a real tangible benefit.”

The Marketplace recently celebrated a $1 million dollar milestone for member savings. For many shoppers, the dental supply savings have already totaled more than their annual dues. This level of overhead reduction and streamlined purchasing is something that shoppers have been enthusiastically sharing with their friends and peers.

“I know that whenever I hit ‘buy’ and put it in my cart, and my savings number begins to roll up, that’s a great stimulation and encouragement to keep going,” said Del Brunner, DDS. “I have other friends and members that just love doing that and seeing the number increase as they work with their shopping cart.”

While savings vary on a product-by-product basis, each item on the Marketplace has been negotiated with the strength of membership’s buying power. On average, tdsc.com shoppers save more than 20 percent of manufacturers’ suggested retail prices on 25,000 dental supplies, plus enjoy free shipping. The site makes it easy to compare products and pricing, as well as to see total savings add up.

Kerry Carney, DDS, noted that her favorite Marketplace feature is clear to her as soon as she logs in to the site. “The top of the site tells you how much money you’ve saved. So I see this figure, and this figure just keeps getting higher!”

By reducing overhead, members have more to spend on the parts of the practice they care about.

“When I go online, I look across the top and it shows me how much money I’ve actually saved by using the Marketplace. When I see that amount, I’m totally excited about what that’s going to mean for using the Marketplace year after year after year. So far, I’ve saved the amount of my CDA membership dues many, many times over,” said Dr. Lee.

The shared strength of CDA’s large membership base coupled with shoppers’ support through peer-to-peer testimonials has been essential to the site’s early success. Members can sign in today, start shopping and see savings add up right away.

Learn more, get started and share in a solution built just for members at tdsc.com.

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When CDA’s subsidiary The Dentists Service Company launched the TDSC Marketplace last year, it was with a bold mission: to deliver practice-changing savings on dental supplies to CDA members. Learn more about this new member benefit at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim May 17–19. Stop by CDA’s Member Benefits Center in booth 1102 of the convention exhibit hall, where the Marketplace team will showcase the site and help attendees “test drive” features.

Your purchasing decisions make a significant impact on both your bottom line and how your office team allocates its time. In fact, the details revealed in just a single order can help you understand true costs, control overhead and streamline operations. The TDSC Marketplace is a new source for dental supply savings for CDA members. Here, an actual order from a current Marketplace shopper is broken down to highlight strengths and opportunities for further efficiencies.