Savings potential at tdsc.com: Four practices' price comparisons

With The Dentists Supply Company’s expansion this year, members of organized dentistry nationwide are enjoying the benefits of collective buying power. Through tdsc.com, shoppers continue to see 20% average savings compared to MSRP* on dental supplies and small equipment. However, the online savings are often even greater when compared to the prices shoppers have been paying other suppliers.

Side-by-side savings case studies 

Through its free price comparison service, the TDSC team analyzes shoppers’ invoices from other major suppliers to find product-by-product savings potential on their behalf. Practices in 47 states can now see how tdsc.com prices stack up to the actual prices they’ve been paying elsewhere.

Case study 1: Cosmetic dentist in Westhampton, N.Y.**

Looking at this practice’s invoiced items from a major national supplier, the TDSC team found 20% savings on exact matches, reducing the practice’s total cost from $1,982.66 to $1,579.91 for the same items.

Of note:

  • 20% average savings ($402.75) on an order of 15 items, plus free shipping
  • $58.05 savings on one two-pack of luting cement clicker refill
  • 51% savings on an autoclavable extended vacuum valve lever

Additionally, the practice would pay no shipping fees through tdsc.com, as shipping is free on every order with no minimum purchase requirements.

Case study 2: Family dentist in Battle Creek, Mich.**

This Michigan practice submitted invoices from the same major supplier as the New York practice. The TDSC team compared prices again and found 17% average savings for exact product matches. This means that the practice would spend $1,289.63 at tdsc.com instead of spending $1,557.58 elsewhere for the same items.

Of note:

  • 17% average savings ($267.95) on an order of 22 items, plus free shipping
  • $38.37 savings on an adhesive luting system for indirect restorations 
  • 34% savings on one five-pack of engineered diamond burs

Like many practices, this one could realize even more savings potential by choosing equivalent alternatives. For an additional eight products compared, tdsc.com alternates would provide 59% average savings (a nearly $200 difference) compared to invoiced prices. Choosing an alternate for a 100-pack of intraoral tips, for example, would result in 90% savings.

Case study 3: General dentist in Hartsville, S.C.**

The TDSC team’s invoice evaluation revealed 21% average savings for exact matches, meaning that the practice would spend $1,945.29 at tdsc.com instead of spending $2,473.29 elsewhere for the same items.

Of note:

  • 21% average savings ($528.00) on a single order of 24 items
  • $59.55 savings on a 1200-pack of disposable air/water syringe tips
  • 78% savings on 1 liter of the same name-brand mouthwash

As in the second case study, this practice could realize significant savings with tdsc.com- equivalent alternatives. Of an additional nine products compared, alternates would provide 29% average savings (more than $200).

Case study 4: Oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Santa Rosa, Calif.**

For this California practice, the TDSC team found an impressive 26% savings on exact matches. The practice’s total cost would be reduced from $8,157.46 to $6,028.39 by shopping tdsc.com.

Of note:

  • 26% average savings ($2,129.07) on an order of 31 items, plus free shipping
  • $75.47 savings on one package of reverse cutting Vicryl sutures
  • 40% savings on a 10-pack of popular round sterile carbide burs

With dental supplies trending at 6% to 8% of collections, a practice with $800,000 in income spends approximately $52,000 per year. Reducing supply costs by 20% could result in annual savings of at least $10,000. And at the higher rates demonstrated in these case studies, a practice’s annual tdsc.com savings could be in the tens of thousands for the same quality products from authorized sources.

See how your current invoices compare. Request a free, personalized price comparison from the TDSC team at tdsc.com/pricecompare.


* Savings compared to the manufacturer’s list price. Actual savings on tdsc.com may vary. ** Price comparison based on an actual customer who purchased a comparable product within the past 12 months. All trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners in the United States and abroad.

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Members of organized dentistry in 47 states can now save significantly on dental supply purchases through The Dentists Supply Company. The national presence for TDSC follows three phased rollouts that started in late 2018 and marks the latest move to extend tdsc.com savings to all 50 states by the end of the year. “This is an exciting time for organized dentistry and dentists served by associations that are looking after their members’ best interests,” said Walt Weber, DDS, TDSC board chair.