Savings keep stacking up for tdsc.com shoppers

Through The Dentists Supply Company, a CDA subsidiary, shoppers continue to see an average savings of more than 20 percent compared to manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. While that level of supply savings has attracted many CDA members to tdsc.com, it’s how the difference is stacking up over time that’s really impressive.

Members have already saved more than $2 million dollars on dental supplies through the site, and they’re on track to save a half million more by the end of the year. For most practices, supplies now equate to 6–7 percent of collections, so reducing those costs by just 20 percent adds up to thousands of dollars in annual savings.

A CDA member case study: $3,345 in savings
The TDSC team sought to capture precise product-by-product comparisons that reflect practices’ real-world shopping experiences. As part of TDSC’s free price comparison service, the team recently analyzed the current invoices of an established practice in Los Altos, Calif. Founded in 1960, the practice offers advanced general dentistry and sophisticated cosmetic dentistry — reliant on a staff of seven and a significant investment in equipment and supplies.

Through its online catalog of dental supplies from authorized vendors, TDSC carried exact matches or equivalent alternates for 220 of the 285 products reflected on the practice’s invoices (77 percent of the products). To calculate real-world savings potential, the team did not compare tdsc.com prices to MSRPs, but instead compared them against invoiced prices the practice paid to the other leading supplier.

By shopping tdsc.com for these 220 products, the Los Altos practice would see 23 percent savings. As invoiced by the other supplier, the practice had been paying a total of $14,304 for the selected products. That total shrank to $10,959 on tdsc.com, reflecting $3,345 savings.

Here’s how those dollars broke down:   

For 144 products that were exact matches, the tdsc.com savings were $2,528.36 (23 percent).
For 76 products that were equivalent alternates, the savings were $817.03 (23 percent).

And here are how many products reflected high savings percentages:

  • No significant savings on 15 items
  • 1–10 percent savings on 12 items
  • 11–20 percent savings on 37 items
  • 21–30 percent savings on 83 items
  • 31–40 percent savings on 34 items
  • 41–50 percent savings on 16 items
  • 51–60 percent savings on eight items
  • 61–70 percent savings on eight items
  • 71-plus percent savings on seven items

The savings potential exceeded 20 percent for 156 products. Of note were savings greater than 80 percent on select disposable items, including impression trays, X-ray sensor sleeves and pre-pasted toothbrushes. In addition, shipping is free on every tdsc.com order.

Practice-changing savings over time
Through its easy-to-shop site, tdsc.com is delivering CDA members real-world savings on a big selection of popular products from trusted brands. The savings have been practice changing for many CDA members. To date, a Visalia practice has reached $22,000 in supply savings and a Palo Alto practice has reached $20,000. Practices in Bakersfield, La Jolla and Mission Viejo have each exceeded $12,000 in savings.  

Ready to see how the savings will stack up for your practice? Explore the online catalog or request a price comparison at tdsc.com or call a TDSC team member at 888.253.1223.

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When considering a purchase, dentists rated “quality” as the most important attribute of dental suppliers. In fact, this attribute was rated the leading factor by 64 percent of dentists in 2017. By 2018, quality was still at 53 percent, but price had grown from 19 percent to 22 percent. The good news is that practices don’t have to sacrifice the supplies they love or the brands they trust to control costs.

In most areas of practice, dentists want their offices to exceed expectations. The friendliest staff. The best treatment outcomes. The happiest patients. However, your practice should endeavor to conform to the norm in at least one area: overhead expense ratios. Managing variable expenses, like dental supplies, means that your practice can keep more of what it earns.