Save some green with eco-friendly supplies

Can your practice do good while also doing well? Yes it can! Choose dental supplies and small equipment that are designed to be kind to our planet, your patients and your dental team. And let The Dentists Supply Company help you save big on green products from trusted brands.

As a CDA member, you can shop online for eco-friendly supplies at negotiated discounts, plus receive free shipping, every day. Just look for the orange leaf icon next to select TDSC supplies or visit tdsc.com/ecofriendly to explore. You’ll find new ways to reduce your supply costs and your environmental impact:

  • Chlorine-free cotton.Stock up on sterile sponges that are free of toxic pesticides and insecticides and created using totally chlorine-free practices. SafeGauze Green Sponges are made with organically grown cotton and Lyocell made from wood pulp certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Responsible packaging.Protect your health, the environment and your supply costs with reduced or recycled product packaging. Nova Gloves are just one of PureLife’s many disposable and infection control products that uses at least 70% recycled materials for its boxes.
  • EPA-compliant equipment.Get ahead of amalgam regulations with an affordable separator and convenient waste disposal. The ECO II amalgam separator is an easy-to-install solution that’s more than 99% effective at removing mercury from wastewater to keep our oceans clean. Even better, CDA members can save 80% on the ECO II.
  • Recycled plastics.Lessen the use of virgin plastic resins made from non-renewable natural resources. BeeSure 90° Right Prophy Angles from EcoBee are latex-free and made of 50% recycled plastic, designed to fit all standard-size handpieces.
  • Biodegradable solutions.Kill TB, viruses, bacteria and fungi without phenols or aldehydes that are harmful to health. BioSURF Surface Disinfectant is a nontoxic option that quickly cleans and disinfects practice surfaces while being safe for patients, staff and the planet.

Shop supplies you can feel good about and see how much you can save at tdsc.com/ecofriendly.

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On April 1, tripartite members in three additional states gained access to significant dental supply savings through tdsc.com, the shopping site of CDA’s newest subsidiary The Dentists Supply Company. Access and savings will reach another 10 states in May, meaning that over two months tdsc.com will effectively double its footprint with savings reaching approximately 40,000 new association members.

When members of organized dentistry purchase supplies through The Dentists Supply Company, they can rest assured that the products are authentic and supplied by a trusted, authorized source. In other words, there are no gray-market goods that could risk patient safety. As small-business owners, it’s important for dentists to make informed decisions about the products they purchase for their practices and patient care.