Restorative learning options at CDA Presents

Dentists interested in learning more about the world of restorative dentistry will have many options at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim.

From anterior and posterior etched ceramic restorations to posterior bonded porcelain, CDA Presents has more than 20 lectures/workshops for dentists to take advantage of throughout the May 15-17 event at the Anaheim Convention Center.

As an example, the Anterior Bonded Restorations: Science, Common Sense, Experience lecture led by Pascal Magne, DMD, PhD, will discuss additive techniques and how they are paramount to the diagnostics, preparation and design of restorations.

The Anterior Esthetic Techniques & Materials lecture, led by Lee Ann Brady, DMD, will present an approach to plan margin placement and tooth reduction to accomplish the proposed tooth position, contour and color of the new restoration as well as assuring functional success.

Three of the 22 restorative courses at CDA Presents will be available via webinar (Anterior Bonded Restorations: Science, Common Sense, Experience; Chairside CAD/CAM Posterior Bonded Restorations: New Perspectives; and Periodontal and Implant Procedures to Enhance Esthetic Outcomes).

For more information on these courses and to register, visit cdapresents.com.