Restorative-dentistry courses lined up for CDA Presents

With its educational focus on restorative dentistry, the upcoming CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry will provide more than the usual number of opportunities to learn about restorative materials, processes and techniques. The May 16-18 convention in Anaheim offers at least 20 restorative-centered lectures and workshops, including an interactive panel discussion featuring national leaders in the field, all of whom will also offer individual courses over the convention’s three days.

“Restorative courses are generally well-received by our attendees, so we decided to up the ante a little bit for the Anaheim program,” said James Van Sicklen, DDS, a member of the CDA Presents Board of Managers.

Gary Ackerman, DDS, also a board-of-managers member, said that although the convention has focused on restorative dentistry in past years, current trends with the topic made it the “natural selection for a major focus in 2019.”

Hands-on workshops will cover subjects ranging from crown lengthening to prepare a tooth for a crown to endodontic and pedodontic restorations and aesthetic veneers and composites.

A two-day workshop, “Cadaveric Hands-On Implant Placement and Bone-Grafting,” will provide education on diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical and restorative techniques through a combination of training and lecture sessions. And because the cadaver workshop is designed for both beginning and advanced dentists, attendees may select the difficulty level of the procedures during the hands-on session.

“Being able to choose that difficulty level is highly valuable,” Dr. Ackerman said, and it is not a feature typically built into such workshops.

Specific learning outcomes of the cadaver workshop include:

  • Perform socket grafting, flap manipulation and suturing on cadavers
  • Learn and perform dental-implant placement and immediate placement on cadavers
  • Learn and perform bone-manipulation, bone-grafting, sinus-grafting and ridge-split procedures on cadavers

Elsewhere, if attendees are looking for the latest information on cements or dental materials, Ackerman said, “They won’t want to miss the lectures by John Burgess, DDS, or Dennis Fasbinder, DDS, who is an expert in CAD/CAM products.”

“Adhesive Use and Posterior Composite Resin Update,” one of two scheduled courses by Dr. Burgess, will explain the advantages of universal adhesives and proper application steps to produce a clinically effective durable restoration. Attendees will learn the criteria for selecting effective posterior composite resin materials and will see the results of long-term evaluations of bulk-placed and cured posterior composites compared to incrementally placed resins.

Dr. Fasbinder will teach three courses, including “State-of-the-Art Digital Technology for Dentistry.” In this lecture, he’ll review CAD/CAM technology as it can be applied to dentistry. Two primary system categories — digital impression systems and chairside CAD/CAM — will be presented as will clinical workflow and patient treatment applications such as diagnostics, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, fixed partial dentures and dental implants. Clinical research will be used to illustrate current outcomes. Reserved seating is offered in the Friday-morning session of this course, which is expected to be popular.

Finally, the panel discussion featuring nationally recognized speakers will detail choices in materials and techniques and provide guidance based on science as well as the panelists’ own clinical observations. Dr. Van Sicklen said the discussion promises to be lively. The March Update will cover the course in more detail.

Beyond restorative dentistry, Ackerman offers two recommendations for all convention attendees. He urges those who are looking for a variety of C.E. to try the dental-school tracts as they will present research happening at the academic level.

“Most of all, CDA Presents truly is a dental-team experience and learning together can be enjoyable,” Ackerman said. “We believe that the team that learns together, stays together.”

Most lectures at CDA Presents are first-come, first-served and free with convention registration. However, reserved seating is available in certain popular lectures as noted in the program schedule. Workshops have a cost and require registration.

Receive the early-bird rate through April 26 for meeting and workshop registration. Visit cdapresents.com/anaheim2019 to register and learn more about courses and speakers.

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As a member benefit, CDA provides an online continuing education course calendar that includes pages of course offerings — currently more than 250 — for dentists who want to enhance their practice and professional development or simply need credits for license renewal. The calendar pulls from sources throughout the state, including CDA, local components and dental schools.