Registration for 2016 Dental Benefits Workshop now open

Navigating the dynamic world of dental benefits can be a challenge for some dental practices. That is why CDA is pleased to announce registration is open at cda.org/dbw for the 2016 Dental Benefits Workshop in Sacramento on June 10.

The 2016 Dental Benefits Workshop offered by CDA is an interactive course focused on timely topics for which CDA receives a high volume of inquiries.

Dentists and staff will have an opportunity to take a closer look at specific dental benefit issues with industry experts, as well as how to be successful in case presentation and patient retention. The interactive courses will dive into the topics of periodontal services and coordination of benefits. Attendees will leave with the necessary tools to implement efficiencies in their own offices to better work with dental plans and build and maintain patient relationships.

Below is a breakdown of the topics that will be covered.

Affordable Care Act – Policy Changes for California's Dental Care System

This one-hour presentation will include an overview of the Affordable Care Act, health reform implementation in California and the establishment and progress of California's health benefit exchange, Covered California. Additionally, information regarding the dental benefit plan designs being offered to consumers as well as business owners and the elements dentists and their patients need to know about will also be covered.

Practical Periodontal – Hints and Pitfalls

Periodontal services are a highly utilized treatment for many adults. Periodontal services are also scrutinized and dentists often get denials for these services and don't understand why. This presentation will include an overview of industry standards pertaining to periodontal services. It will also go over common billing mistakes received by dental plans and will provide dental offices with a better understanding of how to get periodontal services paid quickly and accurately.

Coordination of Benefits

Many patients have dual coverage and the coordination of benefits between the two plans often becomes confusing and cumbersome for dental offices. This presentation will take a practical approach to breaking down and understanding coordination of benefits. Common myths about coordination of benefits and reinforcing the truths and realities of it will be discussed so dental offices can efficiently estimate treatment plans and copays.

Case Presentation and Patient Retention

Practice Advisors Sarah Gargani and Lee Bentz will take attendees through the essential steps to build lasting relationships with your patients and demonstrate how every team member in the office has a role. The course will cover the new patient experience, proper preparation, coordination of benefits, the in-office visit, and scheduling and checkout protocols.

Research indicates that one of the biggest issues for dental practices is managing the dental benefits world, which can be a great source of frustration. The research also identifies that dentists' aggravation related to claims denial, down coding, benefit exclusions and a number of other procedural matters can oftentimes be avoided through better training and education of the dental office staff responsible for filing claims. Additionally, many dentists are unaware of the nuances of the contracts they have signed with the dental plans and their rights, limitations and obligations under those contracts.

CDA offers the Dental Benefits Workshops as an opportunity to alleviate this frustration through education and training from industry experts with years of experience.

Dentists who would like to participate in the Dental Benefits Workshop can register at cda.org/dbw.

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