Register for March 14 webinar 'EHRs and the Opioid Crisis'

A monthly webinar series hosted by the California Health Information Partnership & Services Organization continues March 14 with “EHRs and the Opioid Crisis.”

The 1.5-hour webinar will summarize the recommendations of a report, “CDC Opioid Guideline: Implementation Guide for Electronic Health Records,” published last November by the Electronic Health Record Association.

EHRA representatives will specifically discuss practical solutions for medical and dental practices, while CalHIPSO representatives will present on recent developments in California, including with the Health Information Exchange and CURES 2.0, the state’s prescription-drug monitoring database. All health care providers with DEA registrations must be currently registered to use CURES 2.0 and, as of October 2018, prescribers are required to check a patient’s history in CURES 2.0 prior to prescribing a Schedule II-IV substance, with some exceptions.

The CDC Opioid Guideline was developed by the EHRA Opioid Crisis Task Force with input from the American Medical Association and others.

The webinar begins at 11:45 a.m. PST Thursday, March 14. Register online.

Learn more about CalHIPSO and the EHRA.

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