Product launches, show specials await dentists at CDA Presents

An impressive roster of dental products and services from more than 400 exhibiting companies will be on display in September at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in San Francisco. Attendees who explore the exhibit hall floor can expect to find every product category represented, from abrasives and amalgamators to handpieces and X-ray machines. Vendors offering financing, investment planning and other services that cater to dentists in every stage of practice will also be on-site, and a number of products will have their West Coast debut at the show.

“Our vendors — both the long-term and first-time exhibitors — play an important role in the success of CDA Presents,” said Mark Romanelli, DDS, CDA Presents Board of Managers chair. “We hope attendees create time in their schedules to walk the floor and support vendors’ participation by shopping for their supplies at the show.”

Highlighted here is just a small sample of new products that vendors will offer in San Francisco. (Product descriptions provided by exhibitors and lightly edited for CDA style.)

  • KaVo NOMAD Pro 2, KaVo Kerr (booth 1007)

The KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 features industry-leading battery technology, yielding 30 percent more capacity than in previous models. This portable handheld X-ray system is also equipped with an intuitive user interface and is ergonomically designed to support a more secure, stable grip. Portable and safe, you can count on the NOMAD to support your imaging needs.

  • Lares ProStyle E Electric Handpiece System, Lares Research (booth 807)

Electrify your practice — charge up with the sophisticated new technology of ProStyle E Electric Handpieces. Every practice will benefit from the unstoppable power, smooth chatter-free cutting and pleasant sound quality. Quick plug and play technology makes transport between operatories easy. ProStyle E saves you hundreds compared to similar models while delivering performance and versatility.

  • Salus, SciCan Inc. (booth 1728)

The SALUS hygiene instrument cassette is intended to be used to enclose dental instruments that are to be sterilized by a health care provider. It is intended to allow the sterilization of the cassette and also to maintain sterility of the enclosed instruments until used, with no wrapping needed.

  • SiLL-Ha Oral Wellness System, ARKRAY USA (booth 842)

ARKRAY USA, the new face in oral wellness, proudly introduces the SiLL-Ha Oral Wellness System — a breakthrough approach to salivary screening, oral care and overall wellness. A simple, elegant system using a saliva sample and a quick five-minute process yields a patient-friendly, multi-point analysis for your patients and new possibilities for your practice. See a demonstration in the booth.

  • Sonic-Fusion, Water Pik Inc. (booth 1002)

Water Pik, Inc., is excited to announce Waterpik Sonic-Fusion, the world's first and only flossing toothbrush. Sonic-Fusion allows your patients to brush and floss at the same time, and it is clinically  proven twice as effective as traditional brushing and flossing.  Waterpik Sonic-Fusion includes two flossing brush heads and a travel case.

  • VALIANT PINK, Vista Dental Products (booth 1806)

VALIANT PINK is a unique combination of near infrared and standard blue light. It significantly improves the micro-hardness of composite restorations and generates less heat than standard curing lights. This dual wavelength light is capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials, making it extremely versatile. A uniform beam profile ensures even curing and a 6.8mm depth of cure.

  • Veraview X800, J. MORITA USA, Inc. (booth 1727)

Veraview X800 is a total performance imaging system. It offers a combination of 3D and 2D imaging for a unique image quality that delivers hospital-level diagnostics used for appropriate treatment. Dose reduction and child mode reduce radiation exposure and scan time to increase patient confidence and satisfaction.

And while in the exhibit hall, attendees should not miss:

  • Exclusive show specials from exhibitors, such as discounted pricing and “buy one, get one free” offers.
  • Daily raffles and booth giveaways, including iPad and vacation giveaways at the CDA Member Benefits Center in booth 811.
  • New interactive digital raffle called Raffle Hunter enables attendees to win prizes when exploring the exhibit hall.
  • Free one-hour lectures and highlighted cool and new products at The Spot Educational Theater in booth 1812.
  • The CDA App’s “wayfinding” feature to chart the quickest path to any destination on the exhibit hall floor (watch for announcements about the app’s release).

A complete list of exhibitors and their products and services will be available in the on-site program.

Plan your exhibit hall experience online.

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