New dentists to chart course at CDA Presents

Attendees of CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim have countless educational and informative courses to choose from during the convention May 12-14 at the Anaheim Convention Center. That is especially true for new dentists looking for courses geared toward them at CDA Presents.

New dentists, who graduated from dental school within the past 10 years, now have an opportunity to chart their own courses by choosing peer-recommended lectures and workshops geared toward practice management and clinical expertise.

"The peer recommendations were developed to help guide new dentists to ensure they have a great experience at CDA Presents," said Nick Marongiu, DDS, who graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 2010 and owns a private practice in La Jolla. "CDA Presents is a terrific meeting, but it can be overwhelming for new dentists, so we want to help guide them and make recommendations that we thought would be most beneficial for them."

There are numerous new dentist recommendations to choose from each day of the convention, including clinical programs on composite restorations, treatment planning and effective periodontal maintenance. Additionally, practice management lectures focus on financial fitness, engaging patients and happy workplaces. Such programs are recommended because they target the areas of dentistry that new dentists have requested more information about in the past.

"Every dentist's needs are different based on where they are in their practice experience," said Del Brunner, DDS, past chair of the CDA Presents Board of Managers. "What we're doing is providing high-level, respected speakers who have been scouted, evaluated and chosen for CDA Presents as experts in their fields."

The new dentist recommendations are easy to find in the CDA Presents program by looking for a compass icon next to courses listed in the daily speaker lineups. The compass simplifies the course selection process and provides new dentists with a path to navigate.

Marongiu found CDA Presents courses to be invaluable when he was making a decision about whether to purchase a practice.

"I took every business and practice management course I could find," said Marongiu, who noted that CDA Presents educational opportunities helped fill knowledge gaps that many new dentists may have. "The courses are important because anyone considering the option of purchasing a practice needs training on how to run a business and manage a practice."
Brunner agreed, stating that dentists who are considering the move from an associate position or corporate practice can benefit from the courses recommended for new dentists.

"As a member benefit, every new dentist needs to avail himself or herself of the great opportunity to attend the premier dental convention in the country," Brunner said.

In addition to informative courses, Marongiu added that new dentists should remember to have fun by checking out the products in the exhibit hall and attending networking and social events.

"The networking opportunities are just as important as the courses themselves," said Marongiu. "Spend time catching up with your classmates and build new friendships because the intangible benefits of networking are invaluable."

For more information and to register for CDA Presents, visit cdapresents.com.

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