New CDA president to begin term

Clelan Ehrler, DDS, MS, is CDA’s new president for 2017.

Ehrler, a retired orthodontist from the San Bernardino area, is a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. Ehrler, who also earned a master of science in orthodontics from Loma Linda, has held numerous CDA leadership positions and served on various committees, including peer review, CalDPAC, finance, steering committee and more. He succeeds Immediate Past President Ken Wallis, DDS.

During his speech to the CDA House of Delegates in November, Ehrler emphasized the importance of getting involved at the component level — and the key role organized dentistry has in supporting the profession and charting its course for the future.

“Our local component dental societies, CDA and ADA depend upon volunteers. We need our volunteers, our members, in order to have a voice in dentistry,” Ehrler said. “In fact, the future of our profession is in our hands.”

Ehrler stressed how critical it is, as an organization, to stay in motion, never remain stagnant, and continue to advocate for emerging issues on behalf of members and the oral health of Californians.

Ehrler, who is past president of the Tri-County Dental Society, has also served as a CDA trustee and on the TDIC board of directors. Ehrler has two sons — Todd Ehrler, DDS, MS, an orthodontist in Redlands, and Brent Ehrler, a professional bass fisherman, who lives in Newport Beach.

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