Member-exclusive savings add up to sizable dollars

CDA members already know firsthand that their membership benefits can support them in navigating the business side of dentistry. From Practice Support resources to insurance products designed only for dentists, a full suite of tools is available to help practices be more competitive and efficient. Members also have access to programs that leverage CDA’s size and strength to save them money on dental supplies, insurance and education. By significantly reducing the cost of these overhead expenses, members have the freedom to invest more time and energy in the aspects of practice they value.

Here are the top three ways to see savings:

Members can see exceptional pricing on the dental supplies they use every day through CDA’s new subsidiaryThe Dentists Service Company and its bold group purchasing program. The TDSC Marketplace was recently launched as an easy-to-shop site that harnesses the CDA membership’s combined buying power to provide members-only discounts on thousands of supplies. Actual Marketplace savings vary on a product-by-product basis. But shoppers are already seeing an average of 20 percent savings on manufacturers’ list prices. This level of purchasing efficiency, combined with free shipping on every order, can make a remarkable impact on practice expense management. For many shoppers, the savings have added up to more than the amount of their annual tripartite membership dues.

One of the most highly rated member benefits is Professional Liability coverage through The Dentists Insurance Company, and savings get even more substantial when insurance coverage is bundled. CDA members who have three policies through TDIC — Professional Liability, Commercial Property and Workers’ Compensation coverage — realize premium discounts on every policy. This Optimum Bundle provides a 20 percent discount on Professional Liability, a 10 percent discount on Commercial Property and a 5 percent discount on Workers' Compensation. And commercial property savings isn’t just for the location where a dentist practices. Dentists can choose Business Owner’s coverage for the building, its contents and general liability. Or they can choose Lessor’s Risk coverage for dental offices they own, whether or not they practice there. In addition, all policyholders can benefit from Professional Liability premium savings just by attending TDIC’s current Risk Management seminar.Upon course completion, policyholders gain C.E. credits, new tools to mitigate risk and a 5 percent Professional Liability premium discount.

The savings add up when it comes to education, too. At CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry,the nation’s leading dental convention, registration fees are waived for CDA members. That’s an $890 value. And registration equals access to hundreds of continuing education credit-eligible lectures at no cost in San Francisco and Anaheim each year. The convenience of being able to earn all C.E. in one location over just two or three days means decreased travel costs and fewer days away from the practice. For courses and workshops that do have a cost, register by the early bird deadline for the best deal. The massive exhibit hall at CDA Presents offers another layer of savings. Hundreds of vendors offer attendees convention-exclusive deals on tools, technology and services.

Realize full tripartite membership value today by tapping into the top benefits designed to make practicing dentistry more affordable, convenient and efficient.

To learn more about member-exclusive programs, visit cda.org/member.

Take steps to start saving today.

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The savings were so significant the first time Richard Barnes, DDS, and his staff compared dental supply prices on the TDSC Marketplace that they thought there had been a mistake. Barnes, a Visalia dentist with three offices, including a surgery center, compared Marketplace prices to what he regularly paid for supplies and saw a 25 percent savings. Barnes is among the growing number of CDA members purchasing dental supplies online through the TDSC Marketplace, a shopping site that offers discounts based on the buying power of the association’s large membership.

The heart of dentistry is the unyielding desire to help others. A commitment to improving the oral health of all Californians is why many CDA members entered the profession, and it’s why so many dentists are passionate about giving back to their communities. Whether through volunteer efforts, advocacy or leadership, CDA can help act as a conduit for those looking to make a difference.