Medicare Part D enrollment deadline now January 2019

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has again extended the deadline for dentists to either enroll as a Medicare Part D "ordering/referring provider" or opt out of the Medicare program entirely. The previous deadline was Feb. 1, 2017, but it has now been extended to Jan. 1, 2019.

In an Oct. 31 news release, the CMS states that while they are committed to implementing the prescriber enrollment requirements, “CMS also recognizes the need to minimize the impact on the beneficiary population and ensure beneficiaries have access to the care they need.”

While a dentist who formally opts out of Medicare will not be able to submit claims to Medicare, the formal opt-out allows patients who are Medicare beneficiaries to still have their prescriptions paid for by Medicare.

CMS encourages dentists and all eligible professionals who prescribe Part D drugs, but are not yet enrolled or validly opted out of Medicare, to enroll in the Medicare program ahead of the full-enforcement date of January 2019. CMS is implementing specific actions to increase ongoing prescriber enrollment, such as easing the enrollment application process to enable prescribers review, update, electronically sign and submit a prepopulated enrollment application online.

For more information, view two CDA Practice Support resources: Medicare Provider Options and Billing for Medicare Beneficiaries.

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