Lectures tailored for new dentists at CDA Presents

Attendees of CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in San Francisco have a number of lectures and workshops to choose from during the convention set for Sept. 8-10 at Moscone South in San Francisco. New dentists specifically have several options that are designed to provide them with valuable information as they launch their careers in dentistry.

New dentists who graduated from dental school within the past 10 years can chart their own courses by choosing peer-recommended lectures and workshops geared toward practice management and clinical expertise.

The concept for these new-dentist-geared lectures and workshops was provided for the first time at CDA Presents in Anaheim and was received with positive feedback and interest. Now, a new list of recommended courses is available for CDA Presents in San Francisco. The new dentist recommendations are easy to find in the CDA Presents Program by looking for a compass icon next to courses listed in the daily speaker lineups. The compass simplifies the course selection process and provides new dentists with a path to navigate.

There are numerous new dentist recommendations to choose from each day of the convention, including lectures and workshops that discuss temporomandibular disorders, laser-assisted periodontal protocols, smile design, bonding and esthetic materials, orofacial pain, restorative materials, advanced restorative dentistry, practice financing options, building a dental team and more. Such programs are recommended because they target the areas of dentistry that new dentists have requested more information about in the past.

One lecture on laser-assisted periodontal protocol is led by Peter K. Pang, DDS. Pang is an international speaker with manuscripts in several peer-reviewed journals and a leading expert in laser dentistry who uses multiple wavelengths in his general practice. This course will provide new dentists with useful clinical techniques utilizing laser technology as an adjunct in periodontal therapy. This lecture prerequisite will provide attendees with scientific basis, safety and specific protocols. In the afternoon workshop, clinical skills will be applied using porcine jaws for both the diode and erbium lasers as used in periodontal care.

Andrew Young, DDS, MSD, director of the Orofacial Pain Clinic and head of evidence-based dentistry curriculum at the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, will lead a lecture titled "The Many Flavors of Pain in the Mouth and Face." Many conditions cause pain in the dentist's territory, including dental, joint, muscular, nerve, headache, sinus and psychological conditions. The overlap in locations and symptoms can trick or frustrate the patient and dentist. This course will describe the distinguishing features of each category.

On the less clinical side of things, Chris Scappatura, who promotes personal and office development through humorous and thought-provoking seminars and coaching, will show attendees how to properly run an office meeting. Scappatura will go through the steps to create a productive meeting and provide attendees with a template for success. Some of the topics covered will include structure, topics of interest, communication skills, crisis management, how long and when meetings should be held and more.

In addition to these lectures and the many others available, there will be a networking event for new dentists at CDA Presents in San Francisco. Approximately 50 new dentists attended the networking event at CDA Presents in Anaheim and it is expected that there will be another great showing in San Francisco. Watch for details about the networking event in San Francisco in the CDA Update and on cdapresents.com

For more information and to register for CDA Presents, visit cdapresents.com.

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