Know your compliance dates

A section titled “Are You in Compliance?” on the CDA Practice Support homepage lists laws and regulations, organized by date and year, that dental practices will need to comply with, such as installing an amalgam separator or replacing Proposition 65 notices. Each listing includes a brief description of the law or regulation along with links to relevant Practice Support resources, such as templates and sample documents. Some listings also include links to CDA articles and external sources to help members understand the importance of the regulation and what is required of the practice to become and stay compliant.

Learn more at cda.org/practicesupport.

Related Items

Dentists who share a building with other dental practices are contacting CDA Practice Support to inquire about their obligations under the Environmental Protection Agency’s amalgam separator requirement, which took effect July 14, 2017. The amalgam separator is designed to remove mercury and other metals entering the waste stream from dental practices.

In addition to advice from experts on the business side of dentistry, CDA Practice Support provides a full online library of articles, guides, templates and tools. Check out five of the most popular resources this quarter and see how they can help make running your practice easier and more efficient.