Kids' Healthy Mouths program impacts classrooms

The Scholastic education component of the Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign led by the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives and the Ad Council has created a big impact in classrooms across America.

Since launching last October, Scholastic’s “Two Minutes, Twice a Day” in-school program materials were delivered to 125,000 teachers nationwide via print and have reached more than 3,750,000 children and their families. Feedback indicates 96 percent of teachers have used or plan to use the “Two Minutes, Twice a Day” materials.

“The feedback from teachers regarding Scholastic’s classroom materials was overwhelmingly positive,” said CDA President James Stephens, DDS. “Scholastic took the ‘Two Minutes, Twice a Day’ message to America’s teachers and brought it to life through lesson plans that are teaching kids the importance of good oral health.”

The Scholastic component of the campaign includes materials that were directed at teachers in preK-first grade classrooms through downloadable lessons and family fact sheets that dentists can also share with patients. The purpose is to educate parents and children about the importance of proper oral care, create and distribute educational oral health-themed materials and direct educators, community leaders and parents to visit the campaign website, 2min2x.org, to find more information on oral care and tools to help encourage their children to brush their teeth.

Here are some topline results and what teachers are saying about the Scholastic campaign:

  • 97 percent of teachers sent home or plan to send home the family fact sheet.
  • 94 percent of teachers found that the program materials would help change their student’s oral health behavior.
  • 97 percent of teachers would like to receive programs like this in the future.

Scholastic delivered 3.75 million bilingual family take-home pages to families via the Backpack Channel. Materials also were distributed through custom microsites hosted on scholastic.com, digital content downloads, custom emails targeting teachers and parents, digital advertising on scholastic.com and offsite ad network, print advertising within Instructor and Parent & Child magazines, editorial content integration on scholastic.com’s teachers channel, an e-newsletter and social media.

CDA and 35 other dental organizations make up the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives, which collaborated with the Ad Council to produce the three-year Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign. In addition to partnering with the coalition, CDA is a key member of the executive council, which oversaw the development of the research-based messages.

For more information on the Scholastic campaign, visit scholastic.com/2min2x.

For more information on the Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign, visit 2min2x.org/kids-healthy-mouths.