How dentists can help manage oral effects of cancer therapies

Oral cancer is a significant global health concern, responsible for more than 600,000 new cases per year worldwide and approximately 42,000 annual incident cases in the U.S. The February issue of the Journal of the California Dental Association includes insightful articles related to oral cancer emerging technologies in early intervention, potential therapies and dental management of cancer survivors.

Dentists frequently encounter cancer survivors for their routine dental care and these patients are likely to present with oral side effects that are associated with multiple cancer therapies. The first article in this month's issue describes the most common oral effects of associated cancer therapies and discusses how dentists can manage and treat these conditions.

Other articles include a review of current trends and the knowledge about oropharyngeal cancers for their epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical behavior, treatment and prevention; a study of oral cancer chemoprevention and its effectiveness; a review of the cancer stem cells (CSCs) hypothesis in oral cancer and traits displayed; and an article that presents a chemopreventive nanodiamond platform for oral cancer treatment.

To read the February CDA Journal, visit cda.org/journal or download the interactive ePub for tablet and mobile reading at cda.org/mobileapps.

Topics: Oral Health

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