Find meaningful involvement in your member-driven association

Pop quiz: Who is in the California Dental Association’s membership department? Answer: Everyone! In addition to staff and volunteer leadership at every level, all CDA members play a role in communicating and motivating involvement in organized dentistry.   

Hands-on participation in association programs helps members become more familiar with available benefits. In addition, they can create connections with peers and share their views about the causes that matter to them. Here are three rewarding ways to get directly involved as a CDA member:

Share why you care.
Thousands of Californians who face barriers to care receive dental treatment at CDA Cares, some of it life-changing. The lives of volunteers are also changed by giving others health, hope and happiness. If you volunteer or donate to CDA Cares, you can help share the the experience with your colleagues and friends with an easy-to-use social media toolkit. Choose among graphics that capture amazing moments at the event and post them to your own social media accounts. Visit cdafoundation.org/share to see how to post and share why you care.

Member, get a member!
Members’ personal experiences with CDA’s support, advocacy, education and protection for their profession are the most powerful referral tools. And there’s no better time to introduce a new member to the strength of organized dentistry. With the launch of the TDSC Marketplace last year, members have access to negotiated savings on 25,000 dental supplies through one easy-to-shop site. Even better, when a current tripartite member successfully refers a new member this year, the referrer receives a $100 American Express gift card from ADA and $100 to shop the TDSC Marketplace from CDA.1 Plus, the referrer receives $50 more to shop the Marketplace if the new member places Marketplace orders totaling $250 or more.2 Learn more and get started at cda.org/mgm.

Make CDA Presents even better.

Do you or your team take part in the nation’s leading dental convention? Whether you come to CDA Presents in Anaheim or San Francisco (or both), your insights help CDA continue to innovate and improve the experience. Take a few minutes to provide feedback on the convention’s program, course offerings and events. Be sure to complete the satisfaction surveys you receive at the end of lectures and workshops. Get ready for the next convention at cdapresents.com. And shout out your favorite moments through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram once you’re there.

See membership in action. Follow CDA on your favorite social media channels.

Offer subject to change. See official guidelines at cda.org/mgm. 1 Rewards issued to referring member once referral joins and pays required dues. Total rewards possible per calendar year are limited to $500 in gift cards from ADA and $500 in value from CDA. 2 Rewards issued to referring member once referral joins, pays required dues and spends $250+ in the TDSC Marketplace by December 31, 2018.

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Thousands of Californians receive no-cost dental treatment at CDA Cares, the CDA Foundation’s biannual clinic. For some of these individuals, the treatment is life-changing, but the lives of volunteers are also changed by giving others health, hope and happiness. CDA Cares comes to Anaheim April 27–28. If you volunteer for or donate to CDA Cares, you can easily share why you care with our social media toolkit.

It’s no secret that CDA and its family of companies are home to some of the brightest specialists supporting dentistry today. And their expertise is just a call or email away for CDA members. But where should members turn for what kind of support? Here’s your quick-start guide to accessing expert advice.