Fast-format presentation to examine dental trends

Through a dynamic, fast-format presentation at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim this May, audience members will have an opportunity to hear a panel of industry experts share insights on emerging dental trends that are shaping how dentists practice.

Moderated by Jeff J. Brucia, DDS, the panel will address the future state of practice models, financing, consumers and more in a “PechaKucha” format. Panelists include Gary Pickard on DSOs and delivery models; Dave Preble, DDS, JD, on dental consumer trends; Leo Rouse, DDS, on student demographics and debt loads; Charles Stewart, DMD, on insurance plans; and Jason Tyson on practice financing and transition. CDA Presents Board Member James Van Sicklen, DDS, assembled the program and speakers.

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask panelists questions on the topics discussed.

“The PechaKucha format — 20 slides in 20 seconds per slide — really forces the speaker to get to the point quickly, giving audience members as much highly pertinent information as possible,” Dr. Van Sicklen says, adding that the format is particularly desirable for panel presentations. “This format prevents any one panelist from dominating the scene. As board members, we are always trying to find new education models — and this is not your usual two-to three-hour presentation!”

Van Sicklen elaborated on the panelists and moderator and their areas of expertise:

  • Gary Pickard has 17 years’ experience with a national DSO and has a background in insurance and banking. He is currently vice president of Pacific Dental Service. “Pickard will discuss what are they offering, what market share such organizations occupy and whether this is alluring to new dentists or as an exit strategy for retiring dentists.”
  • Dave Preble is vice president of the American Dental Association’s Practice Institute and has practiced general dentistry in both private practice and public health settings for more than 20 years. Van Sicklen has heard individuals from the ADA speak on consumer trends in dentistry and says the ADA is “probably the best source of quality information on this topic,” and that it made perfect sense to involve Preble as a presenter. “In short, he will speak to trends in consumer demand for dentistry. For example, what is our market? We all should be aware of this fundamental parameter.”
  • Leo Rouse is senior scholar-in-residence at the American Dental Education Association, chair of the ADEA Gies Foundation board of trustees and liaison to the ADEA Council of Deans. He is also dean and professor emeritus of the Howard University College of Dentistry. “Dr. Rouse is highly qualified to speak,” Van Sicklen says. “We all know that the ‘new dentist’ population has a huge impact on the future of our industry, but many of the newly graduated are hamstrung by their debt load, making practice acquisition problematic.”
  • Charles Stewart is the west regional dental director for Aetna Dental, is a member of the ADA CDT Committee and conducts the California Association of Dental Plans quality assurance consultant courses. “Stewart will discuss trends in the third-party payment world, which would include types of plans being purchased by employer groups as well as new and different parameters placed on providers.” Stewart discussed insurance issues as part of the program “The View Into Dental Benefits,” which was featured at CDA Presents in Anaheim and San Francisco in 2016.
  • Jason Tyson manages the West Coast’s health care division for Bank of America Practice Solutions and has more than 14 years’ experience in finance. “Tyson will offer valuable insight into the challenges of buying and financing dental practices, offering a more traditional approach than DSOs.”
  • Jeff Brucia (the panel moderator) practices esthetic and restorative dentistry in San Francisco and is the co-director of the FACE institute where he chairs the Department of Esthetics and Adhesive Material Science. “Brucia is a ‘staple’ speaker on high-level restorative topics at almost every dental meeting,” Van Sicklen says. “He is a champion of quality dentistry and will challenge all of the panelists on the impact of their particular expertise on quality patient care.” 

“The whole panel is meant to provide attendees with insight into various pressures facing our industry, in one place and time,” Van Sicklen adds. “I expect it will be a valuable resource for them.”

Van Sicklen acknowledged that the presentation is particularly germane to him as he approaches the retirement question. “I have two sons — both of them new dentists — who see these issues from a very different point of view,” he says. “I've learned a lot from them as they negotiate their associateships and potential buy-ins. Their demographic has some very different expectations than mine, and I believe that to be true throughout the industry.”

Specifically, dentists and dental team members who attend the presentation will:

  • Learn about current dental consumer trends.
  • Understand current student demographic, student debt load and the impact that may have on postgraduate decisions and dispositions.
  • Learn about dental support and service organizations and emerging dental delivery models.
  • Understand trends and challenges in practice financing and transition.
  • Learn about trends in insurance plans.

“Attendees can look forward to some heated exchange, with good information being provided in an exciting, fast-paced format,” Van Sicklen says. “There will be plenty of audience participation and interaction. It should be a very unique presentation.”

“Future-Casting Dentistry: Trends Shaping How We Practice” is open to the entire dental team and will take place Friday, May 5, 2:30–5 p.m. It offers 2.5 core C.E. units.

Registration is open for CDA Presents in Anaheim. Register or learn more about the convention at cdapresents.com/anaheim2017. Learn more about this event in the CDA Presents Program or via the CDA app.

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