Enjoy streamlined dental supplies shopping through the TDSC Marketplace

Built on a commitment to make shopping for dental supplies more convenient and affordable for practices of any size, The Dentists Service Company’s newly developed online shopping site provides an easy-to-use shopping experience while leveraging the buying power of CDA’s 27,000 members to offer significant savings.

In addition to free shipping and an average savings of 20 percent, Marketplace shoppers can enjoy a number of features that make purchasing efficient. From subscriptions for items needed on a regular basis to individual saved lists for favorite products without the commitment of a subscription, the Marketplace simplifies online shopping with the following features:

Subscription ordering — a flexible feature that allows shoppers to set multiple subscriptions on products ordered regularly with the ability to group items together that are ordered at a similar frequency. Shoppers can choose the order frequency, from every week to 12 weeks apart, or monthly, and can select the day of the week that the order is placed. 

Saved lists — a feature that offers shoppers the ability to save frequently ordered items in a list without the commitment of a subscription. Items from a saved list can be easily added directly to the cart and can be a convenient tool used alone or in conjunction with subscription orders. For example, if a practice were to see a short-term bump in patient flow (during school breaks, holidays, etc.), instead of creating new subscription orders, a standby saved list would make ordering quick during that spike in business.

Searching and sorting — with more than 25,000 dental supplies available, there are multiple ways to navigate the online catalog. A continually-updated search bar allows shoppers to find items using keywords in the product name, description or product number. Products can also be quickly filtered by color, price range, manufacturer, size and other attributes to narrow the search. In addition, shoppers can sort search results by price, product name or savings percentage, as well as browse by best sellers, product categories and featured items.

Product comparisons — by selecting “compare” on the product listing for up to three products, shoppers can get a clear view of items they’re deciding among. Product details, including price savings, shipping times and supplier will be displayed side by side to help make informed buying decisions.

Streamlined checkout — a feature that allows shoppers to check out quickly and conveniently by saving their previous shipping and payment information and auto-populating those fields in the final step of checkout.

New Marketplace functionality is added regularly to accommodate shopper needs and ensure the site remains easy to use, while the product selection continuously reflects shoppers’ new requests.

The TDSC Marketplace boasts a product assortment that spans 32 categories and includes everything from small equipment, composites, bonding agents, burs and cements to gloves and other disposables. With discounts marked on each item compared to MSRP list prices, and a running total of personal savings shown at the top of the page, shoppers know exactly how much they’re saving on their dental supplies. CDA members licensed to practice in California can shop now at tdsc.com.

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