E-cigarette research grants awarded

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research has awarded more than $2 million in first-year funding to seven research grants centered on studying the effects of electronic cigarettes on oral and craniofacial tissues.

The timing of the awards is critical as research shows an increasing number of high school students, approximately 13.4 percent, are now using e-cigarettes. Additionally, evaluating the risks of e-cigarettes has been challenging due to the lack of research regarding their harmful effects.

"When a liquid nicotine solution is vaporized by an e-cigarette, multiple constituents may be found in the aerosols, but we don't yet know the biological and physiological impact of these aerosols on oral tissue or its microbiome," said Sundar Venkatachalam, PhD, director of NIDCR's Oral and Salivary Cancer Biology Program and program official for e-cigarette research. "The projects being funded will provide much needed information on the effects of e-cigarette chemicals on oral health."

The hope is that the NIDCR and other research efforts will lead to developing comprehensive e-cigarette testing methods and much needed standards in the field, which will help inform the public of potential health risks.

NIDCR stated four programs will receive funding for up to four years, pending progress and available funds:

Three projects will be funded for up to two years:

For more information about the NIDCR, visit nidcr.nih.gov.

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