Disaster assistance available for Denti-Cal providers, beneficiaries

Denti-Cal providers and beneficiaries in nine counties impacted by the Carr and Cranston fires will receive processing exceptions to expedite replacement of removable dental appliances, a special Denti-Cal Bulletin states. Removable dental appliances include orthodontic retainers, space maintainers, partial and full dentures and temporomandibular joint appliances fabricated by professionals and which may be removed and inserted by the beneficiary. 

According to the August Bulletin, claims will be accepted without requiring prior authorization and will not be rejected due to frequency limitations for subsequent removable appliances for eligible beneficiaries who are residents of the following nine counties:

  • Siskiyou as of July 5
  • San Diego as of July 6
  • Santa Barbara as of July 6
  • Mariposa as of July 13
  • Shasta as of July 23
  • Lake as of June 25
  • Riverside as of July 25
  • Mendocino as of July 27
  • Napa as of July 28

The Bulletin explains (1) what the claim needs to demonstrate, (2) what the claim needs to include, (3) whether claims will be accepted for beneficiaries living in other counties, (4) whether late submission of claims will be accepted. In short, late submissions of claims will be accepted for any Denti-Cal provider who must submit late billing due to the fires and who provides documentation that justifies the late submission.

Find details in the special Bulletin. Providers may also contact Denti-Cal’s customer service line at 800.423.0507.