Dentists targeted by misleading labor law notices

Two CDA members in Los Angeles have contacted CDA about a notice asking for money to receive “current compliant State and Federal 2015 Employment Posters.”

The notice, which mimics the look of official government documents, says “Labor Law Compliance Notice” at the top and is addressed from a company called Compliance Document Services in Sacramento. The notice instructs dentists to “detach the coupon and return in the enclosed envelope with your processing fee of $84.00” to get “mandatory compliance state and federal posters.”

If a dentist receives this notice, they should contact the California Attorney General’s Public Inquiry Unit and fill out a “Consumer Complaint Against a Business/Company.”

CDA is currently preparing to update the 2015-16 set of required employment posters, which will be distributed to components in April. As a membership service, components will distribute a poster set designed for the dental office, free of charge, with each component determining its own method of distribution. CDA staff will request delivery details from dentists soon. A component also can choose to have CDA arrange to mail the individual posters to members.

As a reminder, links to new and updated posters for the 2013-14 poster set are listed on cda.org. A list of all employee-related required posters is in the Practice Support section of cda.org.

For questions about this misleading notice or the CDA poster set and distribution procedure, contact CDA Practice Analyst Teresa Pichay at 916.554.5990.