Dental supply savings at tdsc.com reach members in 13 more states

On April 1, tripartite members in three additional states gained access to significant dental supply savings through tdsc.com, the shopping site of CDA’s newest subsidiary The Dentists Supply Company. Access and savings will reach another 10 states in May, meaning that over two months tdsc.com will effectively double its footprint with savings reaching approximately 40,000 new association members.

Members of organized dentistry in Illinois, New York and Texas are now able to shop and save 24/7 at tdsc.com as part of a phased nationwide rollout strategy. In May, savings will reach tripartite members in Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. TDSC extended its shopping site to nine Western states in the first phase in November 2018.

By midyear, access to tdsc.com savings and free shipping will reach members in 47 states.

TDSC reports that shoppers are saving 20 percent compared to the MSRP on a broad catalog of supplies from authorized vendors, and shoppers have saved more than $3 million on their purchases through tdsc.com since the site launched in mid-2017.

“This is the power of organized dentistry speaking,” CDA Immediate Past President Natasha Lee, DDS, said. “This is buying power. This is you — the dentist — and your peers making purchasing choices that not only deliver savings back to you but help you reduce overhead and reinvest in your practice or spend that money elsewhere.”

Some dentists have reported saving the amount of their membership dues many times over.

While savings vary on a product-by-product basis, TDSC says each product’s price has been negotiated with the strength of membership’s buying power. This means that every added shopper will lead to even more potential savings for CDA members and other association members who purchase dental supplies through tdsc.com.

Support from other state associations, including a strategic alliance formed last fall with Association Gloves & Supplies, an affiliate of Michigan Dental Association, has played an important role in tdsc.com’s growth. The alliance leverages the strengths of the two organizations to bring even more value to members of organized dentistry.

“There are few places where strength in numbers can mean more to dentistry than in the dental supply arena,” said James Stephens, DDS, past TDSC board chair and past CDA president. When association members purchase as many of their supplies from tdsc.com as they can, “we are able to level the playing field in this space.”

To experience shopping that benefits members, visit tdsc.com. Try the site’s free price comparison tool at tdsc.com/pricecompare.

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When members of organized dentistry purchase supplies through The Dentists Supply Company, they can rest assured that the products are authentic and supplied by a trusted, authorized source. In other words, there are no gray-market goods that could risk patient safety. As small-business owners, it’s important for dentists to make informed decisions about the products they purchase for their practices and patient care.

With The Dentists Supply Company’s recent expansion, members of organized dentistry in 10 states are now enjoying collective buying power on dental supplies through tdsc.com. Shoppers continue to see 20 percent average savings compared to MSRP; however, the online savings are often even greater when compared to the prices they’ve been paying other suppliers.