Dental Board seeks input on licensure fee increase

The Dental Board of California has released for public comment its proposed regulations that would raise the initial licensure and biennial renewal fees for dentists from $365 to $450, the maximum currently allowable by state law. 

These fees have not been increased since 1998 and are being proposed for this increase primarily as a result of increased enforcement expenses mandated (but not funded) by the Department of Consumer Affairs for all state licensing boards. This release of draft regulations, which CDA has anticipated for some time, is only the beginning of the formal regulatory process.

The public now has until Sept. 23 to provide written comment (or in-person comment at a public testimony-only hearing to be held on that date in Sacramento). After that, the board's staff is required to formally respond to all comments received and report back to the full board at a future hearing, at which point the regulations could be revised or finalized. They must then be approved by several additional state agencies before actually taking effect. Thus, dentists are unlikely to see any increase in their renewal fees until 2014. 

CDA's Government Affairs Council will be reviewing the proposed regulations and the board's reasoning and will provide appropriate comment before the Sept. 23 deadline. 

For further information, contact Bill Lewis at bill.lewis@cda.org or at 916.554.4988.