Dental board completes fee audit

In preparation for its Sunset Review this year, the Dental Board of California initiated a fee audit in December that examined, in detail, how much of the board’s budget is spent on each board function – something that CDA strongly advocated for during discussions with the board on recent dental licensure fee increases.  

The completed audit, a draft of which was presented at the board’s February 2015 meeting, revealed that the Board spends significantly more on enforcement than for all other functions, predicts the board will run a $4.3 million deficit this fiscal year, and makes several recommendations, including building a reserve fund over three years.

“CDA applauds the Dental Board of California for conducting this audit, knowing this information is essential for the evidence-based decisions the board must make about its budget and fees moving forward,” said CDA President Walt Weber, DDS. 

The audit made several recommendations, including that the board create a structural budget, set a reserve target and policies on its use, develop value-based cost recovery policies, regularly and incrementally update its fees, and repeat this type of analysis every four to five years.

The board appointed a subcommittee of Bruce Whitcher, DDS, and Kathleen King to study proposed values for establishing cost recovery policies, and will consider recommendations at a future meeting. 

For more information on the board, visit dbc.ca.gov.