Dental Benefits Task Force analyzes market survey

Figures A and BThe Dental Benefits Research Task Force recently heard the results of a CDA survey that delved into the patterns of dental consumers.

The survey, conducted in May, gathered feedback from California adults. The Task Force, which is identifying strategies and recommendations to enhance the position of providers and patients in the dental benefits marketplace at the request of the 2011 House of Delegates, analyzed several key findings from the survey.

Some of the insights are featured in Figures A and B.

The results correlating to social media reviews showed that of the 30 percent who have used social media to recount their experience with a service provider, approximately 71 percent were under the age of 45 with the majority being between 25 and 44 years old. Also, a majority noted their review was positive (85.9 percent). According to the survey, positive reviews tended to focus on professionalism, level of care and personality. Negative reviewers tended to cite problems with billing (overcharged, fraudulent charges) and poor customer service.

“The findings in the survey gave the Task Force some good data on the pulse of the dental benefits and consumer marketplace,” said Walt Weber, DDS, chair of the Task Force. “As we continue to nail down recommendations for members in terms of how to deal with the changing dental benefits landscape, continuing to look at statistics like these is helpful.”

Members interested in the dental benefits research project can visit the Dental Benefits Research Task Force page on cda.org. Additionally, further resources on dental benefits can be found in the Practice Support Center at cda.org/compass.

For more information on the study, contact Anders Bjork, CDA director, market insights and analysis, at anders.bjork@cda.org or 916.554.5936.