Deadline for Medicare registration extended

Note: The Medicare Part D enrollment deadline was extended again. Please see "Medicare Part D enrollment deadline now January 2019” for more details. 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has extended the deadline for dentists to either enroll as a Medicare Part D "ordering/referring provider" or opt out of the Medicare program entirely. The previous deadline was June 1, but it has now been extended to Feb. 1, 2017.

CMS encourages health care providers to submit their Medicare enrollment applications or opt-out affidavits to their Medicare administrative contractors before Aug. 1, due to the time necessary to process all forms, in order to meet the Feb. 1 deadline. This is the fourth time CMS has extended the registration deadline.

While a dentist who formally opts out of Medicare will not be able to submit claims to Medicare, the formal opt-out still allows patients who are Medicare beneficiaries to have their prescriptions paid for by Medicare.

For more information, view Medicare Provider Options or Billing for Medicare Beneficiaries at cda.org/practicesupport.

Updated: 11/17/16