Cost-effective strategy to submit claims electronically

This article was submitted by CDA Endorsed Program DentalXChange.

We all know running a dental practice is not cheap. In today’s economy, more and more people are putting their oral care to the wayside and focusing their money on other important issues. But where does that leave dentists and their practices? Making cost-saving decisions that can range from simple things, like cutting back on sugar-free lollipops, to the dreaded layoffs.

But not all cost-saving measures are bad. One simple cost-saving measure a practice can make is switching to an EDI format to submit claims. EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange and simply means an exchange of information between computer systems. An EDI format for submitting claims allows dentists to send their claims to the insurance companies in a secure, online fashion.

Imagine if you will … a dentist sends a claim to the insurance company through the mail. Even if there are no problems and they approve the claim, it could still be a month before the dentist sees full payment, especially if there is secondary coverage or a patient balance due. Now imagine sending claims online. There are no worries about claims getting lost in the mail, the dentist gets instant notification if there are any problems and best of all, it took only seconds. Dentists can even attach important documents electronically and upload a series of claims at the same time, no stuffing envelopes, no licking stamps and no wasting employees’ time with mundane mailing chores.

What took months now takes days.

“We believe switching to an EDI format will not only save your practice money, but it will also help it run more efficiently. Office staff will no longer have to worry about stuffing envelopes and can concentrate on the patients,” says Scott Wellwood, president of DentalXChange, which specializes in EDI claims submissions for the dental industry. “EDI solutions are easy to use, will get you paid faster than mailing a claim and is cheaper than a costly, time-consuming phone call to the insurance company. It is much more cost effective for today’s dental practice.”

Switching a practice to an EDI format also allows dentists to get patient eligibility information online, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly phone calls to insurance companies. Dentists will be able to inform their patients which treatments are covered by their insurance, helping to ease their mind by letting them know how much out-of-pocket expense is needed for a procedure.

There are myriad products out there designed to help practices cut down costs and speed up efficiency using EDI solutions. CDA endorses ClaimConnect by DentalXChange, which offers the most comprehensive suite of EDI claim-related services.

For more information about ClaimConnect and DentalXChange, visit cdaendorsedprograms.com.