Cost, convenience and confidence drive tdsc.com shoppers

The Dentists Supply Company has now launched in 47 states, offering consistent and competitive supply pricing to tens of thousands of members of organized dentistry. More shoppers means more savings for practices of every size. And member dentists are enthusiastically sharing how low costs, online convenience and confidence in product quality are making tdsc.com their favorite way to shop.

CDA members continue to see 20% average savings compared to suggested retail prices,* plus streamlined shopping that leaves more time to spend on other areas of practice.

Richard Barnes, DDS, of Visalia was tdsc.com’s top saver in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. “I have my RDA do all the ordering and it takes her a few minutes, shared Dr. Barnes, “And I save over $1,000 a month!” 

Nicholas Marongiu, DDS, benefitted from the third-highest total savings from the site last year and remains one of the top savers this year. He affirmed that “TDSC is a new platform that continues to grow — and get better and better — and offer unparalleled savings.”

Dentists in other states have quickly discovered the benefits and are exercising more control over their overhead expenses.

“Shopping with TDSC has allowed me to shave my overhead substantially,” said Cody Calderwood, DDS, of Park City, Utah. “With those savings, I’ve been able to do some remodeling and upgrades to my office.”

The substantial savings are coupled with the confidence that every single product on the site is from a trusted, authorized vendor. “My supplies went from 5% of my overhead to 3.3%. I'm thrilled that I can use name-brand materials, still save money and not sacrifice quality,” said Lindsay Compton, DDS, of Arvada, Colo.

“We have saved on supply costs consistently since our first tdsc.com order, said Jennifer Thompson, DDS, of Farmington, N.M. Dr. Thompson is one of the many shoppers who have taken advantage of TDSC’s free price comparison service. “It’s easy for a practice to send TDSC a list of products they currently order. A representative will then happily return a list of potential cost savings,” she said.

To discover your practice’s savings potential, visit tdsc.com.

* Price comparisons are made to the manufacturer’s list price. Actual savings will vary on a product-by-product basis.

Updated: 6/13/19

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Members of organized dentistry in 47 states can now save significantly on dental supply purchases through The Dentists Supply Company. The national presence for TDSC follows three phased rollouts that started in late 2018 and marks the latest move to extend tdsc.com savings to all 50 states by the end of the year. “This is an exciting time for organized dentistry and dentists served by associations that are looking after their members’ best interests,” said Walt Weber, DDS, TDSC board chair.

Can your practice do good while also doing well? Yes it can! Let The Dentists Supply Company help you save big on green products from trusted brands. As a CDA member, you can shop online for eco-friendly supplies at negotiated discounts, plus free shipping, every day. Just look for the orange leaf icon next to select TDSC supplies or visit tdsc.com/ecofriendly to explore.