Comparing consistency in supply pricing: Three tdsc.com case studies

The Dentists Supply Company is now delivering supply savings to association members in 13 states. This rapid growth means even stronger collective buying power, but it’s also called attention to the nationwide need for consistent, competitive pricing. 

By shopping tdsc.com, dentists continue to see 20% average savings through tdsc.com compared to the manufacturers’ suggested retail price*. However, the TDSC difference is often greater when compared to the actual amounts practices have been paying elsewhere. CDA members are seeing how tdsc.com prices can be lower and more stable than their invoiced prices from other suppliers.

Through its free price comparison service, the TDSC team analyzes shoppers’ current invoices from other major suppliers to find product-by-product savings potential. These comparisons, calculated on behalf of state dental association members from New York to California, are revealing four e-commerce irregularities.

For the exact same name-brand products, as invoiced by major suppliers:

  • Pricing differs significantly from supplier to supplier.
  • Pricing differs significantly from state to state.
  • Pricing differs from practice to practice shopping the same supplier in the same state.
  • Many dentists are charged more than the MSRP.

Case studies of three popular products show how these differences create cost inequities and how TDSC continues to demonstrate consistent savings.

Case study 1: Disinfecting wipes**

The MSRP for Metrex/Totalcare CaviWipes Disinfecting Towelettes (160/pkg) is $10.40*.

  • The exact same product is $8.24 at tdsc.com every day, a 21% savings ($2.16).
  • Dentists in California and 11 more states shared invoices with TDSC showing the prices they paid for CaviWipes.
  • In the 27 invoices reviewed, the per-unit price charged was as high as $16.49.
  • In 17 of the invoices, practices were charged a price higher than the MSRP.
  • None of the practices that shopped the same supplier were charged the same price.

Of note, one supplier charged a practice in South Carolina nearly double what it charged another practice in Califoria for the same CaviWipes.

Case study 2:
Anesthetic cartridges**

The MSRP for Septodont Septocaine 4% with Epinephrine (50/pkg) is $67.50*.

  • The exact same product is $45.59 at tdsc.com every day, a 32% savings ($21.91).
  • Dentists in California and 12 more states shared their invoiced Septocaine prices with TDSC.
  • In a sampling of 43 invoices, the per-unit price charged was as high as $60.99.

Of note, one California practice paid $45.05 per unit while another California practice paid $60.49 per unit to the same supplier.

Case study 3: Dental floss**

The MSRP for Sunstar Americas GUM Eez-Thru Threaders (500/pkg) is $35*.

  • The exact same product is $28.61 at tdsc.com every day, an 18% savings ($6.39).
  • Dentists in several states, including California, shared their invoiced Eez-Thru Threaders prices with TDSC.
  • In a sampling of 15 invoices, the per-unit price charged was as high as $35.

Of note, five different major suppliers charged significantly different prices from practice to practice and state to state for the same Eez-Thru Threaders.

These three products are just a small example of the value association members are seeing by shopping online at tdsc.com. Through its price comparison service, the TDSC team is giving practices a clear view of the substantial savings potential on a wide range of supplies and small equipment from the same trusted brands.

For a CDA member with a Bay Area practice, a recent comparison against invoiced prices paid elsewhere revealed 25% average savings ($1,284.07) for 38 exact-match products at tdsc.com. And, for a Utah Dental Association member with an Odgen-area practice, a tdsc.com comparison against invoiced prices paid elsewhere revealed 49% average savings ($2,939.15) for 33 exact matches.

With free shipping on every order and often more savings potential on equivalent alternates, tdsc.com is delivering members of organized dentistry even more opportunities to control overhead costs.

See how your current prices compare. Request a no-cost custom comparison of your invoices from other suppliers at tdsc.com/pricecompare.


*Price comparisons are made to the manufacturer’s list price as of the date of publication. Actual savings may vary.
**Price comparison based on an actual customer who purchased the exact same product within the past twelve months. All trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners in the United States and abroad. All prices shown were correct at the time of publication but are subject to change without notice.

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The Dentists Supply Company continues to grow and offer CDA members unparalleled savings. In fact, shopper savings on dental supplies through tdsc.com have already surpassed $3 million dollars. And the site’s top 10 California shoppers have collectively saved $150,000 so far.* While this membership benefit is helping dentists to see a big difference in supply dollars, it’s not the only reason members are shopping tdsc.com.