Cigna announces network changes

Cigna Dental recently notified contracted providers across the country about upcoming PPO network structure changes and directory enhancements. A May 22 correspondence outlines Cigna's intent to streamline the names of its networks by moving to two network names, rather than the four that currently exist.

Additionally, Cigna is proposing to add "Cost Effective Designation" as a new tool to help patients determine potential cost savings. "Cigna provider locations will receive one, two or three stars; with three stars indicating the greatest potential cost savings." Cigna currently uses cost-efficiency stars for physicians based on Episode Treatment Group methodology (a specialty and geographic comparison of fee schedules, utilization patterns and referral patterns).

CDA has expressed concerns with the proposed cost effectiveness designation of dentists to Cigna and is currently working with the ADA and Cigna to learn more about the program and the plan's methodology.