Cheers to CDA members on the 2nd anniversary of TDSC's launch

The California Dental Association made a bold move when it launched The Dentists Supply Company in 2017. CDA established TDSC as a subsidiary solely focused on helping association members reduce overhead, gain control and stay competitive in a dynamic marketplace.

Since that time, the e-commerce site tdsc.com has been leveling the dental supply playing field and providing real savings for practices of every size. By leveraging members’ collective buying power, tdsc.com is making an impact on shoppers across California and beyond.

As TDSC celebrates the second anniversary of the site’s launch to CDA’s full membership, see how the company continues to grow and reach new milestones:

  • Together, shoppers have reached $4.5 million in savings and counting on dental supplies.1
  • Thanks to the success of tdsc.com in California, access to supply savings is now available to association members in 47 states, building even more purchasing power.
  • The member-driven selection of supplies and small equipment has seen 60% growth since launch2 and the catalog now includes nearly 40,000 SKUs.2
  • The streamlined distribution network has delivered more than 100,000 boxes without a single shipping fee for association members.2

With the shared strength of organized dentistry, TDSC continues to deliver consistent, competitive pricing on an expansive selection of supplies from only authorized vendors.

Be a part of the $5 million savings milestone. Explore the catalog, request a custom price comparison, get shopping guidance and share in the savings at tdsc.com.


1 Savings compared to the manufacturer’s list price. Actual savings on tdsc.com may vary.
2 Totals from February 2017 through April 2019.

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The Dentists Supply Company has now launched in 47 states, offering consistent and competitive supply pricing to tens of thousands of members of organized dentistry. More shoppers means more savings for practices of every size. And member dentists are enthusiastically sharing how low costs, online convenience and confidence in product quality are making tdsc.com their favorite way to shop.

Members of organized dentistry in 47 states can now save significantly on dental supply purchases through The Dentists Supply Company. The national presence for TDSC follows three phased rollouts that started in late 2018 and marks the latest move to extend tdsc.com savings to all 50 states by the end of the year. “This is an exciting time for organized dentistry and dentists served by associations that are looking after their members’ best interests,” said Walt Weber, DDS, TDSC board chair.

By shopping tdsc.com, dentists continue to see 20% average savings through tdsc.com compared to the manufacturers’ suggested retail price*. However, the TDSC difference is often greater when compared to the actual amounts practices have been paying elsewhere. CDA members are seeing how tdsc.com prices can be lower and more stable than their invoiced prices from other suppliers.