CDA urges "No" vote on Proposition 46

The statewide election is Tuesday, Nov. 4, and CDA needs your help in our final push to defeat Proposition 46. The ballot measure will make malpractice lawsuits against dentists and other health care providers more lucrative, significantly increasing liability insurance costs and threatening patients’ access to care.

For more than a year, CDA and hundreds of other organizations have worked to educate voters on the harmful effects of this ballot measure. CDA members have played a critical role in informing patients and colleagues about Proposition 46, and we are very appreciative of your support. 

We have just one more week to go. Please turn in your vote-by-mail ballot or go to the polls next Tuesday and continue to help us inform voters about the dangers of Proposition 46. 

Thank you for your CDA membership, which allows us to fight harmful proposals like Proposition 46, for the benefit of you and your patients. For more information, visit NoOn46.com.