CDA updates guide to Dental Practice Act

CDA provides a guide to its members that is intended for use by dentists and allied dental health professionals to assist them in complying with the California Dental Practice Act.

Some of the changes in the 2015 edition of Your Guide to California Dental Practice Act Compliance are listed below.

     • Effective Jan. 1, 2016, prescribers of controlled substances are required to register to access the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

     • In telehealth-connected dental teams, dental assistants in extended functions, registered dental hygienists and registered dental hygienists in alternative practice are permitted specified duties upon completion of approved training. However, regulations to establish approved training programs are not yet adopted.

     • When a registered dental assistant in extended functions, a registered dental hygienist or a registered dental hygienist in alternative practice treats a patient, pursuant to the diagnosis and treatment plan authorized by a supervising dentist, at a location other than the dentist’s practice location, the dentist must provide to the patient or patient’s representative written notification that the care is provided at the direction of the authorizing dentist. The notification must include the authorizing dentist’s name, practice location address and telephone number. The provision requiring patient notification of the authorizing dentist is not required for dental hygiene preventive services in public health programs as specified and authorized in Business & Professions Code Section 1911, or for dental hygiene care when provided as specified and authorized in Section 1926.

CDA’s guide summarizes portions of the Dental Practice Act and organizes information in alphabetical order by subject. Citations are provided to the appropriate Business and Professions code, Health and Safety code, and to the California Code of Regulations Title 16 sections.

For details on license and permit requirements, educational requirements, fees, timelines, citations, license suspension or revocations, disciplinary guidelines, descriptions of disciplinary actions, appeals process and exact language of the law, please refer to the website of the Dental Board of California and the Dental Hygiene Committee of California.

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This guide, updated May 2019, summarizes portions of the Dental Practice Act (DPA) and organizes information in alphabetical order by subject.