CDA: Supporting dentists from the start

The transition from dental student to practicing dentist can be one of the most stressful periods in an aspiring dentist’s life. Finishing classes, preparing for exams and applying for jobs can unnerve even the most well-prepared graduate.

Luckily, CDA is here to help.

“CDA membership can help bridge the gap between student life and practice life,” said Noha Nour, DDS, 2014 graduate of UCLA School of Dentistry.

“CDA was a great resource as a new graduate,” she said. “The trainings they provided helped me with my résumé, interviewing skills and debt management. It aided me in the smooth transition from dental school to finding my first job.”

Nour said another crucial benefit of CDA membership upon graduation was CDA Practice Support, which helped her navigate the ins and outs of business management as she opened her own practice.

“As a new practice owner, I found Practice Support extremely helpful with my transition,” she said. “Staff were a phone call or an email away to answer my questions with issues such as insurance and employment.”

CDA Practice Support isn’t just for practice owners. It can help dentists at all stages of their careers with the business side of their profession.

“Even without starting out owning my own practice, I used CDA’s Practice Support website to develop my first contract as an associate,” said Wade Banner, DMD, 2014 graduate of Western University of Health Sciences School of Dentistry.

Banner said the benefits of CDA membership are immeasurable, but just knowing he is part of something bigger than himself was reason enough to join.

“I think the most valuable aspect of CDA is being a part of an organization with over 27,000 members that advocate for and look after each other,” he said. “Being a part of such a large organization that was established to benefit dentists is paramount.”

CDA student representative Chamandeep Brar, a Class of 2017 student at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, said CDA helps students realize their professional potential, whatever that may be. Networking opportunities are provided throughout the year, ranging from informative dinner-and-learns to volunteer positions at CDA Cares, to participating at CDA Presents in San Francisco and Anaheim, all at no cost to students.

“CDA provides students full access to member benefits and expert staff, which is phenomenal in itself, but the real value is found when we as students take the initiative to engage in organized dentistry early on,” he said. “One of the best parts of being a CDA student member is the strong support system and knowing you are not alone.”

Leadership opportunities are another highlight of membership for student members. CDA has student representatives from each of the state’s six dental schools to ensure their voices are heard on issues that affect the profession.

“As a CDA student representative, I was a conduit for my student body’s voice,” Brar said. “By getting involved and being informed, students have the power to shape their futures and the future of dentistry.”

CDA can help you transition from dental student to practicing dentist. Visit cda.org/students or contact Aysha Dinius, new dentist relations manager, at 800.232.7645, ext. 7398.

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Members can rely on CDA Practice Support for assistance in navigating the business side of dentistry with ease. Toward this goal, Practice Support experts in the areas of dental benefits, regulatory compliance, practice management, human resources and employment law work throughout the year to draft, update and publish resources that currently number over 400. Locating these resources on cda.org is easy.

Like many small business owners, dentists can often be confined to the “fishbowl” of their own offices. Taking a break from daily practice to connect with professionals from other practices and specialties can positively impact career growth, development and practice success. One way dentists can find these breaks is through membership in thriving associations and professional organizations.

The weight of student loan debt can make a desired career in public or community health difficult to impossible for new dentists. To offset some of this financial burden as well as help new graduates realize their chosen careers, the CDA Foundation awards the Student Loan Repayment Grant annually to a recent dental school graduate. Applications for the 2017 grant are now open.