CDA seeks volunteer leadership applicants

CDA is recruiting for 98 volunteer leadership positions beginning service in November, 25 of which incumbents are not eligible for re-election. Leadership applications and descriptions of available positions are online at cda.org/volunteer. The online application process takes about 20 minutes to complete, and applicants can apply for positions such as member of the Government Affairs Council (six positions), Committee on the New Dentist (seven positions) or Judicial Council (three positions).

Members submitting applications online will receive an e-mail confirmation within minutes. The online application also includes a feature allowing candidates to save their work and come back at a later time to complete the application.

Other volunteer opportunities include positions on the TDIC/TDIC Insurance Solutions Board of Directors (seven positions) and the Leadership Development Committee (five positions), to name only a few. Lengths of volunteer terms depend upon the position but are from one year to three years, with members eligible to serve multiple terms on most committees. Members can also apply for shorter-term positions on task forces and workgroups that convene as needed to deal with specific issues that arise from year to year or to serve as CDA Presents hosts and assistants in San Francisco or Anaheim for 2014.

Applications for positions available in 2014 must be submitted no later than May 31.

For more information, contact the Leadership Development Committee at ldc@cda.org. Dental students interested in volunteering can contact Carrie Harcharik at 800.232.7645, ext. 5923, or carrie.harcharik@cda.org.