CDA Practice Support top trending resources

CDA Practice Support is designed to help dentists navigate the business side of dentistry with ease, and it is chock-full of valuable resources to help them run their practices.

Below are the top five trending CDA Practice Support resources in the categories of practice management, employment practices, dental benefit plans and regulatory compliance.

1. Guidelines for Informed Consent — English (zip file)

This resource provides sample informed consent forms to aid in the face-to-face informed consent discussion between the dentist and patient. This discussion involves providing the patient with information about the nature of the proposed treatment, the benefits and alternatives of the proposed treatment, and the risks of treatment as well as any other information specific to the patient's unique condition. Patients who refuse treatment must be informed of the potential consequences of their decision. The informed consent discussion should be documented in the patient record.

2. General Office Safety Plan

This is a sample plan that can be customized to describe the general office safety procedures at a dental practice.

3. Offering a Discount Dental Plan 

With a continued flat economy, dentists are looking for ways to encourage patients, particularly those with limited coverage or no coverage at all, to seek the care they need. This has resulted in some practices considering innovative approaches to help patients who are not covered by dental insurance. Use this article as a resource before considering any sort of discounted dental care for cash-paying patients.

4. Practice Policy Revision Employee Acknowledgment Template

Employers should review employee manuals at least yearly. If it is necessary to change or update a specific policy, best practice is to make every effort to keep employees informed of such policy changes. Use this template to provide employees with a copy of the updated policy and obtain an acknowledgment that the employees read and understand the changes.

5. Diagnostic X-rays are Required – Sample letter

This resource offers a sample letter to patients discussing the necessity of radiographs.

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When a patient requests copies of his or her dental records, there are steps every dental practice should take to ensure that the request is handled properly, even when someone other than the patient requests the records. CDA Practice Support’s resource Access to Patient Records FAQ contains important information for practices to know about patient record requests and adhering to privacy regulations as outlined in HIPAA.

Based on guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a “like” on Facebook could be considered an endorsement. CDA recommends dentists avoid incentivizing positive endorsements so as not to be in violation of FTC regulations.

In April, Trevor Thorn, DDS, purchased his first solo practice in Sonora and within the first eight months had four of his eight employees go out on disability or maternity leave. Having little experience in handling the business side of a practice when dealing with human resources issues, Thorn picked up the phone and called CDA Practice Support to get up to speed on how to properly accommodate employees who are on disability. There are countless stories just like this of CDA members.