CDA Judicial Council awarded for ethics, professionalism

The Judicial Council of CDA has earned the Ethics and Professionalism Award from the American College of Dentists.

The award recognizes exceptional contributions by individuals or organizations in the promotion of ethics or professionalism in dentistry. It is the highest honor given by the American College of Dentists in the area of ethics.

"We want to thank the American College of Dentists for presenting this award to the Judicial Council of CDA and we also want to thank the members who have volunteered their time to serve," said Donna Klauser, DDS, CDA Judicial Council chair.

The Judicial Council of CDA is the governing body composed of members of the association who are selected to lead or shape dentistry's future in the state. The council is composed of 11 nominated and elected members who have interest and experience in the field of dental ethics. The mission of the Judicial Council is the promotion and maintenance of high ethical standards within the dental profession; development and uniform enforcement of a viable and legally enforceable code of ethics; and interpretation and enforcement of the code of ethics on behalf of the association, components, individual members and the public.

For more information on the CDA Judicial Council, visit cda.org.

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