CDA joins coalition to offset costs of smoking and save lives

CDA has joined Save Lives California, a coalition of groups seeking to save thousands of lives by raising California’s cigarette tax.

“Dentists have long stood as an important line of defense not just for our patients’ oral health, but also their overall health,” said CDA President Walt Weber, DDS. “Every day, our members see the devastation caused by cigarettes and other forms of tobacco use.”

Save Lives California is seeking to raise California’s cigarette tax by $2 — to $2.87 a pack — either through legislation or via initiative. This tax has not risen since 1998, and now stands at 34th in the nation.

The money raised would go toward funding health care for our state’s most vulnerable children and seniors, and also help offset the billions of dollars in health care spending that smoking imposes on California taxpayers annually.

In addition, the coalition announced a $2 million investment in the formation of the Save Lives California Committee to save lives and improve the health of Californians through a $2-per-pack tobacco tax increase.   

Other members of the coalition include the California Medical Association, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.