CDA helps dentists affected by Hurricane Sandy

In response to the tremendous damage Hurricane Sandy inflicted on the East Coast, the California Dental Association donated $30,000 each to the New Jersey Dental Association and New York State Dental Association.

The donations assisted in the support of dentists who suffered uncompensated property damage as a consequence of the hurricane.

Soon after the hurricane hit, the New Jersey Dental Association received a total of $47,500 in contributions from four ADA constituent dental societies (CDA, Connecticut State Dental Association, District of Columbia Dental Society and Rhode Island Dental Association).

“CDA felt it was important to make these donations as a way to assist fellow dentists rebuild in the aftermath of this devastating storm,” said CDA President Lindsey Robinson, DDS. “The amount of support our partners on the East Coast received from fellow colleagues across the country is a true testament to the spirit of dentistry.”

In January, CDA received a thank-you letter from Arthur Meisel, executive director of the New Jersey Dental Association.

“On behalf of the New Jersey Dental Association, I am writing to express its enormous gratitude for the extraordinary contribution made by the California Dental Association to assist in the support of NJDA member dentists who suffered uncompensated property damage as a consequence of Hurricane Sandy,” the letter said. “Your Association’s generosity made a profound and timely difference in providing desperately needed aid.”

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast in late October 2012 — one of the first areas impacted was Atlantic City, New Jersey. According to Time Magazine, the hurricane was 820 miles in size and caused an estimated $25 billion in lost business activity.

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