CDA earns membership awards

CDA’s membership consists of more than 26,000 dentists, making it one of the largest constituents of the ADA. As a reflection of CDA’s diverse membership and commitment to serving all dentists in a variety of practice settings, the ADA recently awarded CDA with three membership awards. 

Among dental societies with more than 7,500 members, CDA received the membership awards in the categories of Greatest Percentage of Diverse Members, Greatest Percentage of New Dentists and Greatest Percentage of Women Dentists.

CDA President Walt Weber, DDS, expressed gratitude for the awards. 

“We want to thank the ADA for acknowledging our growth and diversity in membership. We take pride in these attributes that make up the population of dentists in California and receiving these awards further illustrates our strength as an organization,” Weber said. “It is for this reason that many dentists choose to become a member of CDA, as well the advocacy, education and sense of community that being a member provides.”

Becoming a member of organized dentistry ensures that the voice of CDA dentists and the needs of the profession and the patients served are being represented on every level. Whether it’s continuing education, practice support, protection or a strong voice in government, CDA offers important services and programs for every member. 

For more information on CDA membership, visit cda.org/join or call 800.232.7645.

Photo courtesy ADA News. © 2014 American Dental Association

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