CDA, components distribute employment posters to members

CDA will mail updated employment poster sets to local dental societies for distribution to members this month.

Several state and federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Labor, California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, California Employment Development Department, Industrial Welfare Commission and California Department of Industrial Relations, require employment posters to be conspicuously displayed at dental offices.

CDA’s 2013 poster set includes the following posters and changes:

  • Updated (February 2013) federal poster: “Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Leave Act.”
    • Expands Family and Medical Leave Act benefits to include veterans’ families.
    • Posting required for employers with 50+ employees.
    • More information
  • Updated (November 2012) state posters on Family and Medical Leave Act.
    • Further defines “four months” and “disabled by pregnancy.”
    • Expands protections.
    • Clarifies employer’s responsibilities.
    • Notice A (5-49 employees)
    • Notice B (50+ employees)
  • Updated (November 2012) state poster: “California Law Prohibits Workplace Discrimination and Harassment.”
    • Expands protections based on religious dress and grooming, and on breastfeeding.
    • More information
  • Updated (Dec 2012) state poster: Notice to Employees of Unemployment Insurance, State Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave Insurance (DE 1857A).
  • Updated (Dec 2012) state poster: “Notice to Employees of Unemployment Insurance Benefits” (DE 1857D).
  • Updated (Nov 2012) state poster: “Safety and Health Protection on the Job.”
    • Updates office addresses and telephone numbers.

To check on the mailing status of their employment poster set, dentists should contact their local dental societies.

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CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual - Appendix 4
This resource contains links to employment posters that are required to be conspicuously displayed at dental offices. Required pamphlets are also listed. CDA offers, as a membership benefit, reproductions of most of these posters. Posters also can be printed, or ordered, from federal or state agency web sites.  This resource is part of the CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual. Updated November 2017