CDA Cares Modesto delivers dental care to 1,533 people

The CDA Foundation has wrapped up another successful CDA Cares  in Modesto. The volunteer clinic provided more than $1.6 million in care to 1,533 people during the Oct. 27-28 event at the Modesto Centre Plaza — the same location as the very first CDA Cares event held in 2012.

Nearly 1,800 volunteers donated their time and skills, including hundreds of dentists and dental health professionals who provided fillings, cleanings, extractions, limited dentures, root canals and oral health education to people experiencing barriers to care.

“The volunteers and dentists are awesome,” said Michael, a dental lab patient, “They really take care of you and give you the feeling that they want to do good by you in every way they possibly can. I’m very appreciative and very happy.” Michael, who received an upper denture and a stayplate for a missing lower tooth, had a special reason to show off his new smile. Shortly after the clinic, he traveled to Monterey to celebrate his 35-year wedding anniversary with his wife.

In addition to providing dental services at no charge to Californians who experience barriers to care, CDA Cares educates the public and policymakers about the importance of good oral health and the need for continued improvements to the state’s Medi-Cal dental program. Five elected officials and staff toured CDA Cares to learn more about the oral health care needs in the region and state.

“This clinic was a success thanks to the generosity of volunteers who donated their time and skills to help people who face barriers to care,” said CDA President Natasha Lee, DDS. “We know there’s a tremendous need in our state, and it’s so rewarding to help someone by relieving their pain and infection. We hope that continued improvements to the state’s Medi-Cal dental program will allow more people to access dental care.” 

Each year, thousands of people receive necessary and even life-changing dental treatments at CDA Cares. Similar to Catherine, many people who start out as patients are often inspired to become volunteers. “CDA Cares was my jumping off point for a more active life,” said Catherine, who received dental care that eliminated a severe infection at CDA Cares Bakersfield in fall of 2017. She says prior to CDA Cares, she avoided not only the dentist’s office due to her dental phobia but other activities in her community as well. She now returns to each event as a volunteer and says she will continue to do so.

CDA Cares is made possible by new and continued support from community members and key sponsors. Donations are accepted year-round and may be made online.

The Foundation is hosting another CDA Cares event March 8-9, 2019, at the Solano County Fairgrounds. Learn more about CDA Cares at cdafoundation.org/cares.

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Thanks to several major sponsors who have made significant donations of equipment and resources, around 2,000 patients will receive cleanings, fillings, extractions and a limited number of full and partial dentures at CDA Cares, the CDA Foundation’s volunteer-run dental clinic coming to Modesto Oct. 26-27. Those sponsors include Henry Schein, GES, Planmeca USA and Western Dental.

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